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Parents which like to have a say in the car you want to buy

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    Its probably the same for the majority of people, parents like to give advice on what things to do and what not to do. I am currently in a position to buy a car but they keep harping on about not to spend too much. They keep going on about saving money for a house etc.

    I think the most they have ever spent on a car is about £9000. Am looking at cars which are in the £10-14k region. I will be using my money anyway. Would you just totally ignore there advice?
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    Depends on what car you plan on getting for £10-14k. If you plan on buying a new Focus or Fiesta, I'd say you'd be better off buying a £3,000 used one and save the rest. If you're buying something like a Jaguar XF though then it's money well spent :lol:
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    Well what are you thinking about buying lol? And how old are you?
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    If you have that sort of money, you should probably have the maturity to make such decisions on your own.
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    Well, it's your own £ so ultimately it's going to be your own decision. Not every decision you make is going to be spot on right and sometimes we make them knowing that it's not the most sensible decision, but it felt good anyway. I do believe in getting hold of as much opinions as possible to consider though.

    Regarding the car, if you NEED a car that costs £10-14k then go ahead and do it, although I'd strongly advise not getting it on credit. However if it's just a whim, consider just how much you need it as there's plenty of great and interesting cars out there for £500-£2000.


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Updated: April 4, 2012
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