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Best goal-preventing effort you have ever seen?

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    (Original post by sr90)
    that was awesome, have that on replay :lol:
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    (Original post by Pitt1988)
    This one. I am a Reading fan as well but applauded his heroism lol.

    Hunt must of had a horrible case deja vu then
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    (Original post by sr90)
    That is ****ing hilarious :rofl2: Doesn't let me rate you for some reason!
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    I'm not sure if it can be classed as goal preventing but considering the player I'll post it. The balls it took to try it, against Messi, in the box, on the occasion, I loved it. I think most opposing fans will universally **** themselves when Messi has the ball in the box.

    Probably one of the few highlights for a United fan.
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    How could we forget this amazing piece of goal prevention?!

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    (Original post by NazNazz)
    How could we forget this amazing piece of goal prevention?!

    We're looking for heroes, not zeros
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    I can't believe no one has mentioned this one.
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    So much love for that man.
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    What a heroic save
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    (Original post by DaveSmith99)

    So much love for that man.
    It was a good save, given the circumstance, but surely it would have been so much better if it was legal, he got the ball, and there was no red card :dontknow:
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    (Original post by Deshi)
    Do you think it's any different than the countless number of other times players have done similar things? (as you can see on this thread)
    The actual handball wasn't that bad but the way he celebrated after the pen was missed and after the game showed a lack of class. Not to mention his 'hand of God' comments.
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    (Original post by Hype en Ecosse)
    Not best, there are plenty of absolutely amazing saves from keepers that stick out for me, but I thought I'd throw out one from a defender that I remember:
    This for me tbh. It is such an underrated save. The height at which he kicked it from and especially considering he is going in the wrong direction so to speak.
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Updated: April 4, 2012
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