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Scottish news

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    So i notice a lot of Scottish news that is interesting but never gets spoken about here, thought i would put up this thread and update it.


    Peter Cruddas secretly taped making Tory Union claims

    Footage has emerged of Peter Cruddas saying the Tories need to be seen as fighting to keep the Union even if they do not agree with it. The former Conservative Party chairman is seen making the claim in tapes secretly recorded by the Sunday Times.



    Plans for Scottish rural parliament

    The Scottish government is moving ahead with plans to create a rural parliament for Scotland.

    Ministers said it would offer "a greater voice to rural communities" but would not be a further layer of government.



    Veteran Tory dismisses party as 'plonkers' after being deselected as candidate

    A VETERAN Tory fundraiser has denounced his party as "complete plonkers" for being so hostile to independence, after he was dropped as a council candidate for not backing the Union.
    Financier Peter de Vink, a stalwart of the Scottish Conservatives since the mid-1970s, had been selected to stand in Midlothian, but was "dismissed" after supporting an independent Scotland....

    "Here's the party that stands for independence of views, freedom of speech, freedom of action, and yet we are so intolerant when it comes to this. They look complete plonkers. They look so inept. Ruth Davidson, she is so out of her depth."


    Edinburgh biggest contributor per person to UK economy

    Scottish cities punch economically above their weight

    Edinburgh tops the list - with £34,950 of Gross Value Added per head (GVA) in 2009 - of English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish cities. The findings show that Edinburgh contributes even more to the UK economy per head of population than London, the city which is traditionally considered the powerhouse of the UK economy.



    Labour red faced over e-mails leak

    LABOUR was last night left embarrassed after a leaked exchange of e-mails revealed that its MPs “screwed up” on a vote over the government’s decision to reduce the 50p tax rate for those earning £150,000 or more.

    Despite making it their top item to attack in the Budget, Labour abstained on an vote the SNP called opposing the measure.

    A series of e-mail exchanges by Labour staff which were leaked then showed that they believed they had “screwed up” and suggested that they should “hold off” on a release on it for Scotland “in the hope that it is ignored”.



    Forsyth: Unionist parties a "shambles" and are being "played" by the SNP

    Arch-unionist Michael Forsyth has expressed his belief that we are now close to the point where independence is in both Scotland and England's interests and has denounced the unionist parties for being in a "shambles"......

    He continued: "The unionist parties are a shambles, they can't even get their campaign together and meanwhile Alex Salmond has got £2 million pounds in the bank and will have a very successful local elections, and he will be off. All this appeasement has been hugely damaging."

    Addressing himself to Lib Dem and Labour supporters of devolution, Mr Forsyth said:

    "You guys said, if we have devolution it will kill nationalism stone dead, you designed the Scottish Parliament so that no party could ever get a majority and you laughed at people like me who said it would lead to the Nationalists getting control of the Parliament and it will lead to resentment and the break up of the Union and this is where we are now. I admit, I didn't think it would happen quite so quickly."



    Another Labour Councillor resigned in Glasgow (they lost their majority a month or so ago).



    One third of Scotland's energy needs coming from renewables

    Scotland is now generating more than a third of its electricity from renewable sources, according to new figures.

    The Scottish government's target for 2011 was to meet 31% of the country's energy needs from renewables.
    If consumption remains at the 2010 level, they will have accounted for 35% of electricity needs.
    Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said "great progress" was being made towards the longer-term goal of meeting the equivalent of 100% of gross annual electricity demand from renewables by 2020.
    "Projects representing £750m of investment were switched on in 2011, with an investment pipeline of £46bn," he said.



    Majority lost as councillor quits Labour, Labour have lost their majority on Midlothian council.


    Certainly not good for Labour who will likely be slaughtered in the Scottish Council elections.
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    You're rather shamelessly quoting an extremist Scottish nationalist website as a news source and basically posting pro-Scot Nat rubbish which you've clearly cut and pasted from another website.

    So no thanks.
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    There does'nt seem to be much pro-Union stuff coming out of Scotland in the news right now.

    To be honest i am less interested in Scottish independence since it's not proper independence they want but more interested in Labour's annihilation in May.
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    (Original post by Rakas21)
    This is a debate forum, not a news ticker.

    If you want to make a thread on a particular issue and initiate discussion on that topic, then that's fine. But if you simply want to broadcast news relating to Scotland, I'm afraid the BBC are several steps ahead of you.
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