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Should I stay at a comprehensive or go to a grammar school for sixth form?

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    Hi, I can't decide whether to stay at the comprehensive school I'm at now for sixth form or to go to the local girls grammar school instead. I have offers from both. Would the fact I'd been to a grammar school look better on my UCAS form or not? Or am I better staying at my school where I know all the teachers etc?
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    Tbh, depends on what your school is like.
    Obviously a grammer will offer you better education so it might be better to go there???
    Pro for Grammer-----
    -Better education
    -Might look better on UCAS etc
    Cons for grammer
    -You don't know anyone
    -Very work orientated
    -Might be harder than your used to
    -The others may look down on you a little (Ive seen this happen, im at a grammer)

    Pros for Comp
    -You know everyone
    -You sound like your happy there
    -You can still get good grades
    -Less time-wasters in VI form.

    -Not such a good education
    -Doesn't look as good

    So yeah, sorry I wasn't much help but I would just go wherever you want to.
    Just weigh up the pros and cons and ask your parents, friends, teachers for advice.
    Have a nice day
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    I went from a grammar to a comprehensive for A level - and just the whole difference in attitude alone really shocked me. At the grammar, failure was never really considered as an option - everyone was going to pass, it was expected that you'd pass, it was just about working hard to get the A*s etc. At the comprehensive, the expectations were completely different - it was about getting everyone to pass, not to achieve really high. That difference of attitude between "right lets presume you'll pass and work on getting you that high grade" to "right let's try to get you to pass" was really a shock and I massively under-performed at A level because of it.

    I would say definitely give the grammar school a go. Get ready to not instantly be at the top as you probably were at comprehensive! (I went from being mid to top of class, to suddenly being very very top of class!)


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Updated: April 3, 2012
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