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thoughts on this laptop i'm gonna buy...

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    this a decent laptop to buy you think?:

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    I bought a Toshiba 3 weeks ago and the battery's gone already, apparently it's a fairly common problem so I wouldn't recommend getting one tbh.
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    still, looks alright, nowadays macbooks are the best bet but not all of us have apple type money *sigh* i would say with plastic laptops you might want to buy them from a shop so you can have a nice feel of it.

    I wish i'd done that as opposed to online with dell, some of them feel really cheap and fragile. In terms of battery i'm sure if it went out in 3 weeks you'd be covered by something at the very least manufacturers warranty so i doubt it is a common problem. If the battery run time decreases sufficiently amazon is the best place to get cheap better than original replacements, i got my dell one from their. spec-wise that laptop should handle basic-medium cpu intensive tasks, things like gaming, video editing etc.. noway
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    I've just bought this.

    Fujitsu Laptop

    Ordered Friday evening, got delivered this afternoon.

    I'm just charging it up at the moment and will set up later and have a play when I get the time, so I'll edit this post then.

    But it seems alright for it's price. I don't really play any games or run massive programs that require an amazing spec. Just use it for surfing the web, work and itunes mainly so we'll see.

    Edit:It seems quite adequate and neat to use. The screen resolution doesn't seem the best but it's more than adequate. Probably well worth it considering it's quite cheap.
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    It's about standard spec for the price, although like the above user I'm not a fan of Toshiba, my brother has two laptops of theirs currently and both have their fair share of issues. if you look around you might be able to find something with the same Sandybridge i3 with 4GB of RAM and 500GB hard drive for slightly cheaper from a manufacturer like Asus.
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    It looks like a very good deal. I had a toshiba laptop for 4 years and nothing ever went wrong with it - best computer i ever had. Gave it to my brother after I got bored if it and bought a dell one. WORST. DECISION. EVER. I wish I've seen this deal on the internet before I bought this piece of crap.
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    Good for the price, but if the battery doesn't work well, there's no point. I have a HP laptop and I can't grumble £399 for i5 with 4GB RAM and 320GB memory. Works really well, no problems at all. Definitely recommend.
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    how about this. looks nicer http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/Acer_...66/version.asp
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    so, out of these two, which one would you purchase?



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    (Original post by the wolf at the door)
    so, out of these two, which one would you purchase?



    Probably the Acer purely because of the Blu-Ray drive, there is not much between them apart from that.


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