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Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United, 2/04/12, 20:00

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    Nothing wrong with that tackle whatsoever...
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    This result definitely means the title race is still on! I say, tempting fate..
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    Welbeck on, good.
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    Wow, that was lucky
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    What a shot. If that didn't go out :coma:
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    Ye, lets put Giggs on who had a terrible game at Fulham, lets not put the actual good winger Young on .
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    Mmm, I'd have probably gone for Young too, but Giggs isn't a terrible choice. Often does quite well when he's not stuck in CM, a position he's awful in.
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    I don't see how there can be any debate about whether or not that went out... Wtf is Steve Kean complaining about...?
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    At least we have Rooney back in his best position.
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    (Original post by modini)
    I don't see how there can be any debate about whether or not that went out... Wtf is Steve Keene complaining about...?
    He clearly wasn't...? He was telling his bench that it went off.
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    This is so frustrating
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    Man city to win the premier league title
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    So the moment we actually play down the left wing we start stretching them? Surprised it took an hour to find out we needed it.
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    (Original post by Dekota-XS)
    Man city to win the premier league title
    Good luck with that.
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    Why wasn't he booked?
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    Young surely has to come on at some point. Might be Rafael off with Valencia RB and Young in front of him.
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    Haha that was pretty funny
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    (Original post by Deshi)
    He clearly wasn't...? He was telling his bench that it went off.
    Yeah because he heard the whistle go... He didn't agree with it though.
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    that clock is ticking far too fast
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    See this being goalless. Such a disappointing game.


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