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someone please help me- i need to think of a good headline

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    for a gossip magazine about myself! I dont even know where to start!
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    Think about the story before the headline, will make it easier probs
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    'MightyMe' is right. A music artist will always write a song before coming up with the title.
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    Here are a couple of suggestions:

    Wotcha !

    Yack !

    Zing !

    Dingle !

    Owlnose !

    Chimney !
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    Ice-baby's butt plug shame
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    ice baby... ice adult
    your welcome :star:
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    My Partner Makes Me Eat Cardboard !

    My Xylophone Hell

    Neighbour Videos My Hairbrush

    My Step Dad Wears String Around His Waist

    Go Karting Ruined My Relationship

    Elvis Is Partying in My Wardrobe

    OMG ! My Abbreviation Hell ! WTF !
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    Rooney ate my pasty
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    Headline: Fugly woman thinks she's all that.
    Sub headline: Shut up bitch.
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    All tabloid headlines eventually gravitate to: "Corrie Star in New Drugs Shame"
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    Footballers unfaithful wife seeks a super-injunction when her transvestite boyfriend is caught shoplifting...

    Slag Wag's shag in drag blag gag!
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    Countdown destroyed my marriage

    Hubby won't let me use adverbs

    My handwash dispenser shame

    TSR kept me prisoner in a disused greenhouse
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    (Original post by the bear)
    Countdown destroyed my marriage

    Hubby won't let me use adverbs

    My handwash dispenser shame

    TSR kept me prisoner in a disused greenhouse

    My eurobond nightmare by Angie

    My stepdad made me sleep in Tesco.

    My staffroom bunga bunga shame


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Updated: June 22, 2012
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