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Can I put super glue on a cut?

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    I think you should just go to get stiches. Think about it this way, you need your finger, and you're going to use it for life. But you're only going to pay the £20 once.
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    (Original post by pbsjohnz)
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    This would'nt happen to be you? lol
    No, but that's what I used lol. Brilliant stuff!

    (Original post by Foghorn Leghorn)
    45 minutes and still seeled, superglue is awsome!!!!! :ahee:
    The problem is, unfortunately, that the super glue holding the top part of your cut skin together will stop the skin from healing there, so even once the inner part has healed (and seeing as you washed it thoroughly there shouldn't be any infection) and the super glue finally eroded away, it is likely that there will be some bad indentation and scarring around that part of your finger, especially the top of the cut, because it hasn't knitted back together with the other side.

    I would have suggested that you get some paper stitches from your local chemist, or if you are to cheap for that, heat a sewing needle (surely you have one) on a hob and bend it. This might be problematic, as it depends on what the needle is made out of, it might not become malleable enough at hob temperatures but, if successful, you know have a suitable needle with which to stitch yourself up. Of course, don't stitch yourself like you would a hem or a button, because that will be hell to take out, just watch on-line how to do it properly.

    The latter part of the previous paragraph really was only if you are in the worst of circumstances and are very cheap. Still, for the time being, I would find some solvent for super glue and use it, because if you leave it, household super glue will leave a scar (there are medical glues but I doubt that is what you have). Once you have done that, get some paper stitches and you should be ok

    The thread as a whole has reminded me of a Glaswegian I met on a train, to well... Glasgow. We must have just past Birmingham station and he asked me where I was going, I said "Glasgow",
    he replied "Oh, Scotland, where the penny is prisoner!"
    I realise what he meant now...

    (Original post by Foghorn Leghorn)
    I cut my finger strimming the hedges yesterday and have quite a deep cut on my finger, probably should have went to get stiches, but I managed to stop the bleeding myself. The thing is I've had it taped up for over 24hrs with a load of kitchen roll and sellotape and I feel I need to take it off because it doesn't seem to be drying up. But everytime I take the kitchen roll off it keeps bleeding again and it's quite a lot, meaning I keep having to detol wash it and wrap it up again. However I've just found a fresh tube of super glue and I remember hearing that a little superglue around the edge will seal it shut. Is this true can I use superglue to seal it or is it dangerous? I'd go to hospital, but that would mean having to pay £15-£20 for a taxi there and back which I could do without spending money and the hassel at the moment tbh.

    I tried googled for yahoo answers but there was some confilicting veiws on this on. :dontknow:
    My history teacher did it when he cut his finger on some sheet metal, and when my dad sliced his thumb open when he worked at Toyota, the nurse there superglued his thumb. It was designed for use in warzones to fix human skin together because it's fast acting so keeps out bacteria. That's why it sticks skin so well. PS don't sue me if it all goes wrong

    I'm probably going to get negged for this but oh well.

    i seen this movie once based on a true story. this women was in the north or south pole anyways she got a bad cut or one of her team mates did and they used super glue. it healed perfectly it was the only thing up there that would work because of the cold. ive know idea if you need a special medical brand but its worth a shot right better then having a gaping wound ... you might have just nicked a big blood vessel and thats why its not stopping. im not a doctor so if the problem its persisting get it checked out buy your gp. stop the blood loss though. the super glue would also create a seal so germs couldnt get in and give you a nasty infection. if the doctor *****es at you for thinking on your feet give him/her a dirty look o_o i hate when doctors think they are better then you just because of a medical degree.

    surgeons use staples in really bad lacerations so im sure the super glue would do the job !

    i had this bad cut on my leg once i think i smashed a cup by accident next thing i know my sock felt wet i looked at my leg and there was like a half inch long slit in it and i could see muscle and stuff .. i grabbed kitchen paper applied pressure for ages it cloted up quick got a weird scar now. but because the wound if on your hand you will be moving it more so will take longer to heal. my leg was fine didnt hurt though. oh hot water and seasalt is good for your finger if it feels swollen/red

    the superglue would be good aswell cause your cells can heal the wound on the inside. and it would give them time to clot. i wouldnt wory about the glue itself because thats produced knowing that it will make skin contact. do not touch your eyes tough ok !!!!

    the women ended up getting breast cancer and she treated herself for so many months decent film ..
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    Well went to my gp this morning just to get it checked and took the glue with me. I explained what i did to the nurse and at first she looked at me in like i was insane and said she's going to consult my gp on it. They both came back in with surgical glue and compared my glue to it and guess what, they're both the same! Well almost, they're both cyanoacrylate one is slightly different from the other as one is manufactured for medical use and the other for DIY but still. And infact both the gp and nurse said i actually did a good job at sealing the wound and no further action was needed. Although they did say next time i should go straight to hospital just to be safe.

    And you lot thought i was mental lol. :cool:

    At least you're okay now

    Plus we've all learned something new I guess!

    i accidentally put super glue on my hand once...it was a pain in the ass to remove and that was on normal undamaged skin... i wouldnt do it on skin thats become sensitive with a giant cut in it...but congrats for the lucky escape though, wouldnt have thought it would have turned out good


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