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The Manchester United Thread IX

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    Oh Valencia :fan:
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    Valencia does that quite often, belts it towards the far post with pace so even a deflection could cause a goal. But he hit it the inside of his foot today for some reason so it looks like there was more intent for him to score.
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    Well well, its not over till its over. Bish bosh bash and its 2-0. We love the wings, Valencia and Young!
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    This was the game I have been most worried about for quite awhile, very important three points.
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    Well done on the game and congrats for the title. :clap2:
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    shout out to rio on that excellent last ditch defending that was almost certainly a goal.
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    Happily subscribing to the new thread :bike:

    Great result tonight, feels more significant to win a tight one like the wins against Everton and Fulham in previous years. De Gea's becoming a big performer in the crucial games.

    Loved Phil Neville's co-commentary on 5live - he reckons Welbeck will be getting a *******ing off Ferguson for giving the ball away after the goal..
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    defensively this season we've been really good, but what will hopefully win us the league is our sensational away record, which is contrasting towards last season by a mile.
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    I think the title is as good as yours. If we manage to pull off a win against Arab money FC, that'd be most definitely an 8 point gap.

    However this is Arsenal we're talking about
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    37 - There were 37 passes in the move for Ashley Young's goal tonight, the longest sequence of any PL goal this season. Aesthetic.

    12 - Antonio Valencia now has 12 Premier League assists this season, the joint-most along with Man City's David Silva. Lynchpin.
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    Great to get a clean sheet. We shouldn't get too excited just yet, even if we beat QPR. Things can change in an instant. I think City will drop points against Arsenal though.
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    These valuable points are going to keep picking away the pressure of the Manchester derby for us, I can see our lads being quite comfortable at the Ethiad if we manage to sustain a wide gap between City in the table.
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    For however average this United squad is called or in transition, you might still rack up among the highest points to win the league with this form and no Europe to distract.

    Think City would be better pressed trying to steal Utd players than trying to buy success from elsewhere.
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    lol @ Valencia being so underrated. I'm happy united are being so quiet about storming ahead to the top of the league, while everyone drools over the excellence of Silva, Aguero, Balloteli and co. I'm sure United fans know who they''d rather have in their team. Enjoy the success Man city of winning nothing this year. Bye.
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    I swear Valencia could potentially score goals like that in every match he plays, its nice to see him go for goal like that.
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    Our away fans were amazing tonight, singing throughout the whole game. Like a 12th man.
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    Valencia is amazing, just wow. I really didn't think that much of him when we signed him, and after the season Nani had last year I thought he'd secured the RW position, but Valencia is just outstanding. Young's showing promising signs again after his injury, we just have too many good wingers! And people are talking about us signing Hazard, I'd be very surprised if we did tbh.
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    (Original post by Kaz310)
    , while everyone drools over the excellence of Silva,e.
    Valencia - 20 games, 4 goals, 12 assists. (15 shots, before this game)
    Silva - 30 games, 5 goals, 12 assists. 73 shots

    **** Silva
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