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Angriest you've ever gotten playing a videogame?

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    When my battery died just as I was about to beat Gary on pokemon yellow having just beaten the elite four for the first time
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    Fifa 12 after conceding a last minute goal to a guy who was sending me abuse through the match. Or one time where a guy scored early on and kept the ball passing it around his defence for half the match.
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    Street Fighter 4 online.
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    I've never actually broken anything (), but I became very frustrated with the Guardians on Uncharted 2 - bastards wouldn't die.

    I found that game frustrating in general, actually - just level after level of massive gunfight. It is the weak link in the Uncharted series, IMO.
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    I just sit there shouting at the character on the screen for not doing what I wanted it to. Grand Theft Auto is annoying but so is COD or any other shooting game where your team mate tells you off for friendly fire. I have to tell them to get out of the way! :P
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    Bit Trip runner has recently caused a few of my veins to burst.
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    FIFA 12 - I see the CPU resorts to body checking you when you're about to go beyond the last defender. Gives away the free kick, no booking and all players are back behind the ball to defend. Which part of a free kick do FIFA not understand?
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    12 year old me playing GTA san andreas. (12 y/o playing an 18 game - I know I'm so badass :cool: )

    There were 2 saved game files. One was ridiculously far into the game, having put a whole summer holidays worth of effort into it. The other was me going back to the start just to check how to do add gang members (which was explained at the start of the game).

    Long story short, I saved the second game file on top of the first.

    There were tears I'm not gonna lie..
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    Football manager is the most frustrating.

    I don't know what's worse: Losing out on the title on the last day, relegation or getting the sack.
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    The only time I get angry is when i'm playing multiplayer games. TF2 for example, I consider myself above average at the game but when things don't go my way, I will huff, I will slam my mouse, I bang my head on the desk. Its been a while since i've played it. I blame it mostly on my 'gaming' laptop.
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    I was in Game with my brother last year and the guy in the shop told us he sometimes threw his controls for his Xbox at his TV because he'd get so angry playing video games. My brother and I agreed that that was pathetic.
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    (Original post by I Persia I)
    Camper kills you, go to camping spot, same camper kills you in different spot, decide to go @ it tactically, get killed, decide to stay away from camping area and somehow camper stops camping and carries on killing you elsewhere on the map. Develop a grudge for the aforementioned camper and stay in the lobby simply to get your revenge not noticing you have a negative KD ratio of about 0.3 and spend the rest of the day feeling pissed off at yourself. True story.
    Which map/game? There are usually reasonable counters to all specific tactics and gameplay in shooters.
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    Two times;

    once I was playing a game called Suikoden 2 for the PS2. Absolute blinder of a game!! But the final boss was a chap called Luca Blight. You picked 6 characters and took him on. The game was pretty tough especially seeing as I didn't train up my characters too much, but I eventually beat him in the 'final battle'. Well, the 'final battle' took place in the woods and after you beat him he retreated further into the woods (he was badly wounded). So, you had to go a bit further into the woods and you had a few random fights with lowish level gaurds (think pokemon in the tall grass but it applied to everywhere in this game)... I beat them with ease, but progressed through the woods without healing....

    Without warning, I was in a final duel with Luca Blight!!!! He had half HP and because I was not expecting him I also had half HP. The duel battle consisted of a rock/paper/scissors type game but with a crucial difference! If we both picked "rock" then we both dealt damage. Had we picked the same option each time then I would have died!! But as it turns out I died anyway. So yea, I died. I got super angry after this. It took me about 2 weeks to re-attempt it, and it took me about 5 hours to get back to the duel situation.

    The second time was because I tried to play mario Kart on the Wii when a program my bro was watching had finished. I turned on the wii, but my bro got arsey for the sake of it and my mother backed HIM up. I hurled the wii remote at a wall, which is like a one-off for me! Smashed it into about 100 pieces
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    Tomb Raider III, could never get past level 1!!!

    But I've never broken anything over being angry o.O That's just excessive.
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    Unreal Championchips's 2, tried to bite the left joystick off my xbox controller FTW!
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    Smashed a dying laptop once because I lost an FA Cup final years ago on Football Manager.
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    Stabbed my Gameboy Colour multiple times with a pen because I was struggling with a gym leader on Pokemon Yellow.
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    (Original post by Ilyas)
    When I was on my shaman we got Sindragosa down to 8ish% health and we wiped. It was actually because of my awful healing, we spent 4-5 hours on it.

    In the end? I was kicked from the guild. This is from WoW btw, Waste of my life...
    Fixed it to describe that no lifer game.
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    I know someone who bit through the touch screen of their DS in anger :/
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    http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG4StOKFw7M&feature=plcp &context=C3e75a0cUDOEgsToPDskLFl FrVT8UVtiQoiTPqvrQf



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