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Angriest you've ever gotten playing a videogame?

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    (Original post by hbk4894)
    simple thread

    i have while being angry

    Broken at least 3 nintedo game cube controllers whilst being angry at a game
    Slaming my fist on my laptop and breaking it... Because i died when i was player killing on Runescape ¬,¬

    Or smashing my controller because of Quick scopers on MW3... That p's me off the most
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    I think it was when I was playing Killzone 2 online, it was an Assassination mission. One of my team members was the target so we all had to protect him. The target has to hide or basically do whatever within the allowed area, they can't stay within the spawn 'base' spot which is actually highlighted on the map to let you know, and as far as I remember also warns you in writing on the screen.
    The guy didn't give a damn about it. Still camped out in the base. I was so angry, I was screaming on the microphone for him to get out of the base and hide else where or we will lose! If we lost by him getting assassinated that wouldn't be too bad, but this was ridiculous.

    Still don't know why it pissed me off so much, but I proper lost it and was screaming at him... :| I avoid microphones now
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    Online shooters for sure. I can't stand hearing little squeaky kids shouting down the microphone whilst playing crappy music in the background. But to make it worse they were always ridiculously good. Man it pissed me off.
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    relevant : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BADJhIXiS4g
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    Pokemon Yellow - Beat the Elite four only for Gary to appear
    Finally beating Gary and the long credits come and my battery dies

    Fifa 12 - Losing a Cup Final in Head2Head seasons due to the ****ty lag

    PES 3/5/6 - when my cousin used to beat me most of the time. Oh how times have changed.

    plenty others that rank highly too
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    I got well angry playing sonic earlier. Dr Robotnik is a bastard.
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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 does it for me, the game regularly leaves me fuming and the only reason I stick with it is because I really don't like FIFA and when PES is good, it is so so good.

    On PES2012, I've narrowly missed out on promotion twice. Each time, I've had to lose key members of the squad because teams come in for them and they refuse to play well if you reject their transfers. This left me so angry that during a game, I went 2-0 down, stood up, turned around and smashed the controller off the wall as hard as I could.

    PES6 caused me to break one PS2 console, about four controllers and about four copies of the game.

    Best version of PES ever though.
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    When my sister saved over my completed Pokemon Blue file. RAAAAAAGE.
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    (Original post by ArcadiaHouse)
    I was in Game with my brother last year and the guy in the shop told us he sometimes threw his controls for his Xbox at his TV because he'd get so angry playing video games. My brother and I agreed that that was pathetic.

    I take it you've never experienced FIFA rage then?
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    modern warfare 2, because it was broken. Must have been beta tested by blind retarded monkeys with hammers for hands.

    Trauma centre for DS too, that was a difficult game lol.
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    Megadrive, Streetfighter: Special Championship Edition.

    Cranking up the speed and difficulty to max, then being beaten at the end by M.Bison (Many times).
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    Everyday playing MW3. I don't know what it is about that game, I'm not even bad at it but it makes me rage so hard. The amount of times I die from being shot, despite being about 5m around a corner is ridiculous, or from putting about 20 bullets into a guy before he turns round and puts 2 into me and I'm dead, or from just the horrible, horrible lag. Bah. I never raged playing Black Ops but that's perhaps because it at least had dedicated servers on the PC, whereas MW3 has the host system (which is garbage). Just thinking about it is making me angry..
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    I got angry at Tetris once for a shape being the wrong one.
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    100% definitely Fifa.
    Every year it always has so many annoying little things that irritate you and cost you games. On Fifa12 it's the total incapability of the computer controlled players on your team, whilst you are in control of the one nearest the ball, totally out of your hands yet it affects the outcome of games so often.
    The defenders in particular
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    (Original post by Ilyas)
    When I was on my shaman we got Sindragosa down to 8ish% health and we wiped. It was actually because of my awful healing, we spent 4-5 hours on it.

    In the end? I was kicked from the guild. Waste of my life...

    This is from WoW btw.
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    I just get so worked up over fouls I do being carded an regularly sent off and yet similar challenges go unpunished against me.

    I wouldn't mind it as much if my opponents got equally punished for equally as bad tackles.
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    i **** myself
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    GTA: San Andreas. The last mission is pretty long and split into several fairly difficult (well, it was at the time I played it) parts. I did the first two long parts on my first go, after several nail-biting, near-miss moments. Then I did this stupid car chase that went on for bloody ever in the last part, and died right before the end.

    I threw my controller on the ground so hard in frustration it now has a crack in the side and rattles, thinking I'd have to do the whole bloody thing over again... and not a second after throwing this tantrum the mission restarted. To the beginning of the final car chase part. Meaning the first two parts were still done and safe.

    I ended up sheepishly picking it up and going "...oh."
    I'm very glad no one was around to see that...
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    Through my 360 controller at the wall twice playing fight night champion; lost a fight then the game froze - controller is ****ed. I also stomped the floor once, and kicked the console another time - I'm on my 3rd copy of the game.
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    i have got angry at Pes when you score a goal in the 85th minute then it seems you cant defend and they end up equalising , that frustates me because you have spent 60 minutes attacking the other team , you finally score and then the next attack the other team have , they score.


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