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Angriest you've ever gotten playing a videogame?

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    I've told my TV to "f**k right off" when I was on the verge of getting to rank 45 on Halo 3 after an 8 game win streak of only ranking up once, then being ranked down three after a single loss. That system hated me.
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    ive never broken anything or got that far but i pretty much shout as in:

    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHH <insert swear word here> "
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    We almost brought our 19 year old friend to tears by continuing to knife him again and again in gun game
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    Bit Trip Runner, last level, can't beat it to save my life. Most infuriating video game ever!!! I can no longer play it because it makes me so mad! I will forever be stuck at the second-to-last level
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    CoD MW2 was so annoying when I played it, since then I have stuck to BF.

    Also FIFA can be really frustrating when you cannot score.
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    (Original post by Joe909)
    Fixed it to describe that no lifer game.
    (Original post by sexbo)

    If you look at it from that perspective, every single game is a waste of life i.e. it holds no real world value. That's true, but that isn't why we play games, we play games for simulations/satisfaction, to do things we can't do irl.

    I describe that night we fought Sindragosa as a waste of life because I got no satisfaction. Whereas, if we did manage to take her down in those 4-5 hours it would have been time well spent.

    Go figure!
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    One slot auto save. Haven't quick saved in a while. Kill room full of enemies. Auto save. Health <10%. Unavoidable death.
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    Mile high club on veteran

    i have managed to do every single COD game on veteran apart from this one mission in COD 4..
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    During Mario, I can never pass the bloody game!!!
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    When I play F1 2011 online, I get very angry.

    Usually it's the Spanish racers who ram into people and destroy their races at the first corner.

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    A while back me and my mate were playing the Halo 3 campaign online Co-op on Ledgendary, to get the achievement for him (I'd already done it). We were on the last level, right at the end (the bit where you have to drive the warthog across that massive exploding plaform). We'd been playing for ages and he was propper pissing me off so just as the warthog was flying into the ship at the end of the game I turned off my xbox.

    He didn't speak to me for a couple of days after that, until I pointed out to him that somehow he'd got the achievements anyway...
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    (Original post by Isambard Kingdom Brunel)
    When I play F1 2011 online, I get very angry.
    Same for all racing games online. Want clean racing? Play iRacing.
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    Playing fifa against my bro and best mate................... they're too good for me and i can't take it, so i killed them.
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    (Original post by INTJ)
    Street Fighter 4 online.
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    The Wesker fight at the end of RE:5 nearly had me putting a controller through the TV. When I was younger I broke tons of PS1 controllers.
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    Encountering a rare Pokémon and not having a pokéball.
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    Those videos are so good :lol:

    Shamefully there's times where I end up shouting and swearing at the tv like a maniac but I try and save those times for when I'm the only one in the house. I also resist the urge to launch the controller across the room by instead punching the crap out of the bed. When that happens I leave gaming alone for a while as I clearly have issues when it gets me that annoyed :lol:
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    when a troll kills me on lol
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    (Original post by Bazlehman)
    There was a boss on Skies of Arcadia that killed me 40 times in a row.I threw my SNES at my window, shattered the corner of it and screamed. It was nothing to do the with snes but it was unwired at the time and payed the price.
    Haha I was thinking 'Skies of Arcadia was on Dreamcast...' amazing control not to destroy that console. I used to hate it when I got insta-killed by someone using silver magic on me. Still my favorite game though.

    I've only ever thrown my controller once and that was from playing Battlefield: Bad Company, probably just a stupid reason since I never really got too into it.

    At the moment Mass Effect 3 is sure pissing me off trying to do gold challenges when the game is pairing me with low-level players and getting overwhelmed when everyone decides to split up.
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    (Original post by Ilyas)
    When I was on my shaman we got Sindragosa down to 8ish% health and we wiped. It was actually because of my awful healing, we spent 4-5 hours on it.

    In the end? I was kicked from the guild. Waste of my life...

    This is from WoW btw.


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