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Angriest you've ever gotten playing a videogame?

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    As a kid my pokemon Ruby gamesave getting corrupted......had nearly every pokemon on it as well, except for jirachi, deoxys and kingdra.....Started a new game, and on that cart, now only have jirachi and deoxys left to get, it's not been played on for a few years now though....

    The thing that angers me the most on games atm is (particulary on CoD) hearing young pre-teens talk trash and swear their heads off over a game, I doubt i even knew what a c**t meant, let alone know what it was, at eleven years old. Oh, also getting challenged constantly for `one vs one quick-scopes` and being told that they can `360 no scope my arse`. Same people will complain that the game is unrealistic taking so many bullets to kill....

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    Either playing cod online and then there is a 30 year old man just camping in a corner and saying he is the greatest player ever and then telling little kids to 'shut the **** up'. They need to get a life.
    Or Assassins Creed missions where you have to get around with out being detected
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    I've never got angry AT a computer game, but if a slow internet speed causes me to lag out, drop connection, get disconnected etc, then I'll get pissed. Fast.\

    I think it's because it's technology being a dick for no reason. It just randomly gives you the middle finger and your game melts, and you have no control
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    FIFA 12 because I'm crap at it. COD games because I only get to play on Live during university holidays- subsequently I'm crap. I don't mind losing but I know I only play COD a fraction of the time the time my opponents do and then I have to put off with their trash talk.

    Football manager makes me rage the most though especially when you know you're just having one of those matches and no matter what you do you'll be lucky to score and so effectively the game's just trolling.
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    Just talk to anyone who's played World of Warcraft seriously.

    During the time I played it:-
    -Several smashed walls
    -4 destroyed keyboards
    -3 snapped headphones
    -Broken window
    -Bodily injuries/bleeding (from rage attacking everything)
    -Damaged throat from incessant screaming

    And that's just all I can remember right now. Unlike any other rage you can possibly imagine from a video game. Don't play it.
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    Playing Angry Birds.
    How fitting.
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    The only true time i have ever "raged" during a video game was back when i used to play COD:MW2 got a 24 kill streak and a noob hits me in the face fired from the other side of the map.... -_-

    Broken Pride
    Broken Controller
    Sore Throat
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    Losing the playoff final in FIFA and being absolutely furious that I'd have to spend another season in the championship. Have to spend a good 10 minutes calming down, before I apologize to my team for the torrent of abuse I hurled at them.
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    - Lost the cover to the battery compartment on my GBA. I'd be called to do something by my parents, put it down slightly too hard and the batteries would fall out. Was infuriating!

    - Getting the final licenses on the original Gran Turismo for PS1, the amount of times I'd fail the time trials by fractions of a second...

    - COD obviously, once I shamefully broke a PS3 pad out of rage... turns out the xbox ones were more resilient.

    - Played a 2 hour 40 min arena match on WoW once, missed dinner and didn't do HW etc. (I was way too into that game) and lost, which was pretty annoying. I didn't rage that hard but I heard what I later found out to be a keyboard getting punched in over skype ;P.

    - Stuck in caves without repel in pokemon. GRRrr. Similar thing with final fantasy X.
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    I planned to get stealth camo, so i painstakingly worked my way through and tried to shoot all of those damn frogs, I had backup saves and everything all figured out.
    Anyway, I finish the game after like 20hrs or something.....an NO FRGGIN STEALTH!!

    I realised, Derp that I am sometimes my awesome backup save plan was totally worthless, becasue I had no idea were the frog was!!!!

    Le sigh....
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    Yeah i've smashed a controller playing cod, I also got very angry when I was trying to do dead space 2 on hardcore mode and got to chapter 7, I hadn't saved and died. Had to start the whole thing again lol
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    COD: WaW Veteran Campaign.

    So. Many. Grenades.
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    Smacked myself in the face with a Gamecube controller when I was about 10 (big mistake), never have I gotten that mad at a game since. :rofl:
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    (Original post by Newky)
    Just talk to anyone who's played World of Warcraft seriously.

    During the time I played it:-
    -Several smashed walls
    -4 destroyed keyboards
    -3 snapped headphones
    -Broken window
    -Bodily injuries/bleeding (from rage attacking everything)
    -Damaged throat from incessant screaming

    And that's just all I can remember right now. Unlike any other rage you can possibly imagine from a video game. Don't play it.
    Get off the internet, seek help.

    On the PS1 the first memory card we had was awful, it kept on corrupting itself once or twice a month and we stuck with it for about three months.

    Nearly completing Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and the original Crash Bandicoot (all pretty tough games) only for the file to say no. I screamed, my dad screamed, and I threw it out of the window.
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    Gears of War 2 when it was a big laggy mess.
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    Probably when I was playing this INSANELY difficult snowboard race in the bonus level of Spyro: Year of the Dragon.
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    Playing MW2 a couple of years ago and someone stole my AC130 care package
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    AC Brotherhood, one of Leonardo's missions which was 'The Tank'. Could not get 100% in that stupid mission :mad2:

    And also COD. Especially MW2 when people are going around with noob tubes, one man army, danger close and commander pro.
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    whoever thought deathstreaks were a good idea needs the sack asap, last stand/dead mans hand is full retard.


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