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Angriest you've ever gotten playing a videogame?

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    Gotten angry countless time over games, not so much recently though perhaps I'm calming down in my old age.

    I remember conceding what must have been a very important goal on FIFA and smashing my controller into my desk repeatedly until the former broke and the latter had huge cracks in it.

    Often though if I found I couldn't do something I'd give up questioning why the makers would create such an impossible game.
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    FIFA seems to be the game i get most angriest at, mainly when i concede a stupid goal or miss an easy chance. Lately i started raging over Mass Effect 3 when it auto-saved at a place that i was continuously getting shot, then i remember it's only a game and turn it off and get some fresh air
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    (Original post by Jevon177)
    The Game I got angriest at was Fable 3, I kept messing up on the goddamn pie making. Eventually I completely lost my temper at the guy who does the ******* voice and threw my controller at my Xbox. I broke the disc drive somehow :l
    That's my favorite bit!
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    call of duty, like a lot of people. When you just keep dieing bull**** deaths, topped off with getting shot in the back as you run past a corner with a silenced assasin noob #rage
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    Yelling so much at my TV during MW2 that my neighbours shouted me to shut the f*** up.
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    (Original post by tazarooni89)
    FIFA 12 - when people quit the game as soon as they go 1-0 down
    Pokemon - when you come across an extremely rare one you've been looking for forever, and it wipes you out completely
    MarioKart - Blue shells at the most inconvenient of times
    This! I got so mad when that happened to me!

    I used to get riled up when on a chase on GTA. I dropped off the people at their location and my car was in the highlighted area, yet I still get caught by the police. I haven't tried to complete that mission as of yet.
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    Also, when your Elder Scrolls game glitches making one of your quests incompletable, and you're stuck as a vampire forever, or some annoying guy is now following forever etc. Or when you put all your hard earned loot in a chest, but come back to find it's all disappeared (incl. unique items!).
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    (Original post by Politricks)
    I feel your pain :console:
    It's good to know I'm not the only one. :cry2:
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    Playing against Kevin Durant on NBA 2K12, ughhhhh the amount of ****ing cheese makes me grind my teeth with rage
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    Before I knew anything about the wilderness on Rune I got playerkilled.
    He duped me good and proper. He was in it for the long game. I was fishing lobster and he asked if anyone wanted to go with him to kill dragons in the wildy, he would give them half of the hides he gets blah blah blah.

    We got there. He said to hit him for ****s and gigs. I did. He casts the teleblock spell on me. Then whips out his bow and arrow. Dead in about 4 arrows.

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    (Original post by Aphotic Cosmos)
    Getting podded in EVE.

    Dragons showing up at the worst possible moment in Skyrim.

    But most of my rage moments are in FPSs. BF3, CoD, TF2, I'm looking at you. I'm talking keyboard-breaking, arms-flailing, teeth-clenching rage.
    KM link? :awesome:
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    (Original post by I Persia I)
    Well to pick out the most recurring maps that I still play it would have to be Bakaraa in MW3. There was a really devious sniper in one of the houses near the crashed helicopter and he would put a claymore down by the stairs (the only way to get up there), use a tactical insertion and just feed off the most overpowered gun in the game: Akimbo FMG9s which is still a noob weapon after being nerfed about 4 times...

    Ah. Yeah that's a popular area. The akimbo FMGs have got better in one update. I don't know what to make of them being a secondary weapon. Black Ops had something similar but made them primary at least. You can win CQC against those people using the MP7 and I've picked off snipers from that house you described from the other side where the elevated hallway is. Very low recoil and decent iron sights. I run SitRep Pro so I can usually spot campers by their highlighted equipment and if they're not appearing on the map I will hear them coming as their foot steps are made much louder and my team mates are silenced. My main issue are people wasting Javelin rockets straight from the start. At least in Black Ops you couldn't use the grenade launcher attachments within the first five seconds.
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    Playing with these f***ers

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Arkham City on the AR challenges, the one where you have to go into the tunnel was so frustrating but I got it eventually
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    Mortal Kombat and Mario Kart games always wind me up because they cheat.

    However the angriest I've got playing a game was trying to achieve 007 status in Goldeneye on the N64. I managed to ace every single level except for the train level. I must have played that level a hundred times before finally getting it. It was the very last carriage, when you've spent five minutes fighting your way through, only to be 1 second too late. Infuriating. I did manage to contain my anger but I definitely threw my controller at the sofa (still trying not to break it!) in despair a few times.
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    Playing zombies moon level in black ops.
    Firstly, when I leave a crawler to go and turn off the excavators and someone kills it so I get stuck at the start for the next round with rubbish guns.
    Then when I leave a crawler to teleport back to earth and someone kills the last crawler just before we teleport so when we get back we are overrun with zombies at the start.
    The worst one is people just refusing to teleport back to earth for no reason e.g. I'm standing by the teleporter shooting at them to get them to come over, but they just stare at me for a bit, kill the last crawler and carry on so we die early since we can't get juggernog.

    I'm just standing there like

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    Once I was playing Animal Crossing over wifi when a troll came in and started chopping down all of the trees in my town, I was quite mad. Needless to say my bf and sister thought it was the most funniest thing ¬_¬ I find it funny now but back then it wasn't!
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    Playing with incredibly **** players in ranked matches on SARP, and having to try and carry them through a whole game. It's worse when you're playing against players you know you should beat quite comfortably, but are held back by the other player/s. Gosh it can be frustrating. I can only play 2 or simultaneous ranked matches before going to back to unranked now.
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    dying in the wildy...runescape brought me more pain than gain...


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