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AS Level/GCSE Latin

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    Hello TSR,

    I'm considering of doing my Latin GCSE again but this time doing it self-taught I had always loved Latin but when I unfortunately moved schools I was unable to do so.

    I was just wondering if I really concentrated on all my studies whether it will be possible to round up a few books (Cambridge's Latin courses) self teach myself for a GCSE in Latin take the test in Yr. 12 -not to mention of all the joyous burden in AS Further Maths + 2 sciences- and then do an AS in Yr. 13? Bear in mind I don't plan to drop a subject to AS.

    I heard the GCSE course in Latin needs a few years but I'm good at self-teaching myself (well it's just reading a book basically), also I heard there is such a large amount of work needed for A level Latin but I simply just want to do the AS when I'm going on the the A2's on different subjects. :eek:

    Am I pushing myself? Or is it just too much?
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    Well I would say that the GCSE should be fine because you said that you had previously studied Latin, if only briefly. I doubt you would struggle too much from what you have said.

    However, the AS level is a lot of work and quite intense learning is involved to achieve a high grade, I would perhaps reconsider taking it at this level because you have already chosen difficult AS subjects.

    This is only in my experience though, you have to judge your situation and capability for yourself. I hope this hasn't put you off too much and was of some help.
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    I just had to self teach myself the first year of the latin OCR GCSE course, and it can be quite difficult. A teacher is really helpful in making sure you are transating things correctly. However, if you are good at translation and good at memorizing vocab you should be ok. The 'seen' paper can't really be helped by books- you need someone to give you the full translation of the material and memorize it.

    If you think your up for it, then try it, though the AS might be difficult.


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Updated: May 5, 2012
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