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Stay on for Year 14 or go to Uni? Aaargh!

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    I am super stressed atm because of this :mad:

    Basically, I am in Year 13. I applied to do Sociology at Leicester Uni, DeMontfort and Loughborough and got conditional offers from them all. However at the time I sent the application off (November) I feel like I was kind of going along with the crowd and didn't put a lot of thought into what course I wanted to study. I also applied to my nearest Uni's because I didn't think I wanted to leave home.

    My views on Uni have been all over the place over the last few months.. and now I've decided I'd rather study something Journalism/Media based. Also, after some research, I've decided I'd much rather go to a further away uni (Southampton Solent and Sheffield Hallam are options). As I only used up 3 options on UCAS, I have used another to send off a late application to do a course at Southampton Solent - However, as I will only come out with 2 A-Levels (I dropped Psychology in Year 13 and picked up another AS..), I would need to get A* and A to get onto this course, and most courses that I am interested in doing.

    So really, I just can't decide. Should I 'rush' through my applications and try to get a place for September, or do you think it would be worth staying on for Year 14 to get more qualifications? (If I do Year 14, Overall I will have 3 Full A-Levels and 3 AS). I do feel like if I rush to try and go this year, I may not pick the best course, the best uni or I may not get accomodation because I will be applying so late. I don't mind waiting a year at all, but will staying on til Year 14 affect my chances of going Uni at all? Do people look down on you?

    I am so very lost..my only other option is to take a gap year and work during that, which I would do - but I need to get 3 full A-Levels ideally for the Uni courses I want..meaning stay on for Year 14. Idk. I feel like staying on for Year 14 will disadvantage me in some way. :confused:

    Also, sorry if this is in the wrong section. I wasn't sure.
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    Year 14? :lulwut:
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    stay on a third year at college, get decent a levels + have a think about what you really want to do at uni'. i don't think you'd be at any disadvantage doing the extra year + it isn't like you have the pressure of going to uni this year to miss the fee increases. there's no point in doing a course that you're not going to do anything with at the end of it + won't enjoy.
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    Do year 14 if I were you. Don't rush your career. Think carefully.
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    I'd stay on to Year 14 personally
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    Well all I can really do is recount my own experience.
    Last year I applied for Law at Portsmouth Uni, got in, and it was probably this time last year that I realised I was neither happy with my course or my Uni choice. So I did my exams, got fairly good results (ABB) but withdrew from my course at Portsmouth. Then I went through clearing and secured a place at Essex Uni to study History, but again I just didn't really comfortable with that option, so withdrew from that course also.
    Then last september I went back into 6th Form (year 14), studying English Lit (AS & A2) and AS Politics and applied for History again; while doing a few retakes which bumped my previous A-Levels to AAB. I've now got a conditional to study History at the University of Nottingham, so long as I achieve an A in English this summer

    So the moral of the story is don't just go along with a choice you are unhappy with; it may take you an extra year, but in that extra year I've gone from an offer at a former-polytechnic to a respected Russell Group Uni; if you know you could do better, be it either the Uni or the course, then you should certainly try.

    Good luck whatever your decision
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    You could see what exam results you get and then decide, that's probably the best option
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    Hello jellybean!

    I hope you don't mind my reply to this post; I hope that I may be able to help you. I am so sorry to hear about the situation that you are facing; I can't begin to imagine how difficult it must be for you.

    Reading the replies that you have received already in this thread though, it is clear that many have felt that you should stay on to complete a further year of A-Levels at College. It is very interesting to hear their thoughts on this subject and I believe that all of the comments offer very helpful advice.

    Even though, I can say that I have not been in exactly the same position as you, I did choose to stay on for a further year (Year 14) to complete three A-Levels. Even then, it was very difficult to know whether this was the correct decision. Talking to many individuals (teachers, careers advisors, etc...), it was always made clear that those who stayed on for a further year were somehow less achieving or less able. However, I have always felt that this is a very negative way of looking at such a decision; surely, staying on for a further year shows and exhibits committment and dedication to achieving the best that one can, in the clearest of ways? Having said this though, I truly hope that you are not facing these types of issues but in this respect, I can completely understand how stressful this situation must be for you.

    I do not think for a moment that you are facing the same worries and stresses that I did; I truly do hope that you are not! However, I do think it is important that before making any decision, you are able to think about what you wish to do; where you see yourself in the future, where your interests are and the career that you wish to follow. Please never underestimate (even though, it is clear that you haven't!) the importance of talking to those around you, if you can; family, friends, teachers, careers advisors! Many individuals can offer advice and guidance to help you and those who know you, may also be able to focus your interests and allow you to see your future. If you are able to, it might be helpful to spend a couple of hours a week just trying to research the latest developments in journalism/media studies and just try to see whether anything immediately "leaps out" at you (as it were)! It might help you find a path that you wish to follow in your career.

    Sorry to babble on soo much; I hope that this has not been tiresome to read! Please make sure that you are happy with whatever you decide to do though. It is vital, at such an important time in your life, you can feel happy about the decision that you have made.

    I really hope that this has gone some way to helping you; albeit in a very lengthy (and probably quite boring!) way. Please know that I wish you the very best with the decision you make and your future, which I know will be very successful!

    Kind regards to you,
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    I'm sorry but what is year 14?
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    (Original post by Future_Dr)
    I'm sorry but what is year 14?
    the year after Year13
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    (Original post by Future_Dr)
    I'm sorry but what is year 14?
    Yeah, not many people stay on for Year 14, so I'm not surprised you're not familiar with it :P It's basically where you stay on til the age of 19, after that they tell you to bugger off..in nicer terms of course
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    Thanks to everyone for the replies I'll mull it over a bit more, but I think my mind is set on staying on for Year 14 now. A lot of people in my year are staying on too, so at least I won't be alone. I think the 1 year will go pretty fast, and at least it gets me another full A-Level so I don't have to rely on getting A* and A to get onto my course.

    Plus with my brother going away to uni this year, I think my mum would love it if I stayed for another year to keep her company
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    To be honest, if you're looking to work in journalism and the media in general, you'd probably be best off studying something like English Literature, History or Politics/Economics.
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    I will come out in Year 14 with A-Levels in English Language, Sociology and Health and Social Care. Perhaps I should take up English Literature too to broaden my prospects? As a) to do History at my school you need at least a B in GCSE History and b)Economics is so not my thing Thank you very much for the advice
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    Say that I complete my year 13 alevels. then what would I study at year 14?
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    If you choose to stay on for Year 14, you would pick up extra A-Levels. My college's minimum is 2. It's not necessary imo unless you have few qualifications (e.g I will have 2 A-Levels when I need 3) or really want to study something else Also sometimes people stay on in Year 14 to finish A Levels that they picked up in Year 13.
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    Here is my plan:

    (Completed) Year 12: AS English Language, AS Biology, AS Religious Studies and AS Psychology.

    Year 13: AS English Literature, A2 Biology, A2 Religious Studies and A2 Psychology.

    Year 14: A2 English Language, A2 English Literature and another AS of my choice.

    This way I will have 3 respected A levels (English Literature, Biology and Religious Studies), 2 less-respected, but adored, A Levels (English Language and Psychology) and an AS in a subject I take a interest in e.g. Sociology, Mathematics, etc.


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