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Easiest GCSE subject?

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    English Lit/Lang
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    Art and Design
    Other(please state)

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    dont know if they still do it but I did Child Development and it was the easiest A ever (they didnt have A*s back in the day)
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    ICT was quite easy.
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    ICT is probably the easiest for me. I think the people who created the course forgot that the majority of teenagers use technology on a regular basis, there's nothing really challenging about it.
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    For me it's History, because it's one of my favourite subjects, to I find it easy to learn.
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    Got to be Maths and Electronics.
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    Student Room, the only place where Maths wins "Easiest GCSE subject".
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    For me it was maths, but I know that a lot of people would strongly disagree on that. The "easiness" of a subject is very much dependent on who you ask. I struggled to get a good mark in English Lit, but other people breezed through it.
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    Chemistry is sooooo hard
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    Well I would say maths but I did better by percent UMS in all 3 sciences (all 4 A*).
    I'm definitely better at maths than physics though (in AS level +)
    So, I'm not sure whether to say science because I did better or maths because it probably is easier.
    With RE I did well on the exams that I remembered the content for and did badly on the one I didn't.
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    I voted 'other', as I think business is the easiest
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    It completely depends on the person as loads of people have said but for me personally [I got 8 a stars and 5 as at GCSE] it was definitely ICT. A massive bunch of the course was easy peasy coursework then the exam I paid no attention in any class, didn't bother at ALL but managed to get 100% in the exam with just a couple hours of revision the day before.
    not sure if I was lucky but that's how it worked out.English language was also really easy due to a load of waffle and a few quotes being considered a good exam essay technique... Though I think the standard of GCSEs is rubbish, I did mine in summer 2010 and the teachers and school go out of their way to keep the school's stats up.
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    The awkward moment when Maths is winning the poll and Its the only subject I'm failing...

    RE for me.
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    R.E around 40 people in my year got 100% full ums, and I go to a local state school!
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    I'd say AQA DT: Product Design

    the exam was pretty straight forward - I mean, explain CAD, CAM and CNC for 9 marks..

    the controlled assessment is basically rambling on and using technical terms

    easy 394/400 UMS for me..
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    (Original post by brightbulb)
    Personally I think science; you don't need to understand it, you can just memorise facts then regurgitate them in the exam.
    If you have an innate understanding of it you need to memorise half as much.
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    (Original post by AtomSmasher)
    If you have an innate understanding of it you need to memorise half as much.
    True. But I have no intention to study a science past GCSE, so I'm quite happy just memorising and getting A's and B's.
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    Religious Education. If you're a believer, well, I would consider you quite stupid if you couldnt express yourself on paper.
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    God, everyone saying Maths yet it is the only subject I'm failing.
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    English and chemistry

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Updated: August 22, 2015
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