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Mixed economy welfare

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    Hey Guys,

    Does anyone know how to answer the question : is a mixed welfare economy the best way of meeting human need?

    I have no idea how to look at this question,
    dos it mean in regards to universal and selective needs?

    please help!
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    A mixed economy and welfare can be two seperate entities, you could have a mixed economy without a welfare system, but not vice versa, and welfare could mean social, social financial, corporate, and corporate financial, though I asume for this scenario we mean social financial, as in benefits.

    I don't know how many marks it is, but if its an essay, I'd say start of by defining the term(s), give a background on what it is, and what the alternative(s) is/are, then if it a more technical subject, give a two paragraphs on the advantages and drawbacks of "mixed economy welfare", then two paragraphs of the advantages and drawbacks of the alternative, and conculde. If its an essayist subject, then try synoptic paragraphing.

    A mixed welfare economy would entail what people think universal and selective needs are, just think about the services the state provided now, Healthcare is pretty much universal, and something such as JSA is selective.


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Updated: May 5, 2012
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