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Moving to London.

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    Hey, I'm hopefully moving to London in the summer to study at QMUL (History and Politics) and I am interested in hearing stories of people who have been in a similar situation from me...

    I'm from a really small town from up North, so London is the complete opposite in terms of lifestyle and location, so I wondered if people wanted to share the main differences and experiences of what to expect when moving to London, especially in comparison to a tiny rural town.

    So, when you moved to London, how did you cope/what struck you the most?

    spend lots of time walking around until you actually understand the geograhy of the city
    Drink less (or be richer, but that one is tough)
    Carry a tube map with you
    There are no public spaces that provide quiet privacy
    Zone 1 is surprisingly navigable on foot


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Updated: April 4, 2012
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