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Education vs. Knowledge

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    It started as an essay topic but I would like to hear more opinions

    What do you value more? Your knowledge or your education? Why? Does your university degree make you feel better/more self-confident?
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    My knowledge. I see my education simply as a means to get knowledge... Education is the means to the ends of knowledge...
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    Education provides you with knowledge. Well good education does at least.
    The more interesting question is something like 'Education vs Intelligence.'
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    If knowledge was all that mattered then people would be able to get certified for occupations such as law and medicine by simply passing a test. Education is important because is serves as a qualification. Education is not simply a means to gain knowledge. Your education is a pedigree, an indicator of status, and a merit of character. What school did you attend? What grades did you make? What awards and distinctions did you receive? All serve as a method to measure a persons potential. Knowledge is what enables you, your education is what empowers you.
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    Education is the most common way of obtaining knowledge and can you really call it an education if you don't pay attention ro whatever and don't gain any knowledge?


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Updated: April 4, 2012
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