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My design for a condom box :)

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    Hey - I hope it is ok to post this here - if not I'm sorry!

    I've entered this durex design competition out of pure procrastination, you can see my design here: https://www.designdurexbox.com/row/p..._captcha/33518
    (it is the number 33518).
    If you like it, it would be cool if you could vote for it.

    If this is not the place for that kind of thing, again, I apologise.
    But I put a lot of effort into this one and it is a very personal motive, so maybe you could leave it in as artwork anyway

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    Quite a nice design. Got a vote from me. Good luck!
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    Thank you!
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    thats really good, i have voted for you as well.
    being bored and having nothing better to do as well i also had a go at designing one (number #39461 and then cos i was really bored and had another idea of what to do i also did number #39474).
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    That's cool.

    Quite an innovative idea by durex to drum up interest in the brand.
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    I like yours! Its terrible though, I just have to check every 10 minutes and I still have to write an essay..... procrastination!

    And yeah I really like their idea, I'm really looking forward to actually seeing any of them in the shops..
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    my computer does not like the website...

    download interruptus
    Attached Thumbnails
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	6898486158_01e48f2be6_z.jpg 
Views:	71 
Size:	60.5 KB 
ID:	139642  
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    Soooo tempted to upload the "Forever Alone" image...
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    Looking through the designs and some of them are just REALLY REALLY bad. :|
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    If anyone's interested mines #40002 didn't have the affect I was looking for but it it reduced my boredom levels.
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    It is pretty with the nice array of colours but from a design point of view is it serving its purpose? Why did you pick a person playing guitar for a condom box? I can see what you are getting at but would people from other cultures understand - it is an international cover design. The hearts is a nice avenue to go down.

    Dont mean to come across rude or anything like that. I just wanted to give some feedback since you said you worked hard on it and if you are allowed to do a second entry then some of the above points may trigger a better version or concept than the one you had before. Its the creative process - never finished
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    (Original post by mikeyd85)
    Soooo tempted to upload the "Forever Alone" image...

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    That's brilliant
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    "We're afraid your Durex Naked Box design didn't quite make it into the gallery." Apparently they weren't impressed with my design:

    What inspired me?

    Sex inspired me, very wild sex in fact. My design shows a purple man (in order not to be judged as a racist) who can do BackFlips with his sperm, a fascinating skill to have however nobody wants such things that is where Durex comes into play. When Durex is on, these things can't happen i.e. Durex provides solution to this common problem.


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