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The wind is scaring me help! :(

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    Anyone else?

    It feels like the roof will fly off any second :'(
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    Follow the advice your username gives, and calm down
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    (Original post by Dandaman9999)
    Follow the advice your username gives, and calm down

    I get a little scared when it's this windy and just wondering whether anyone else can hear it outside :/
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    Where are you?! No wind at all here.
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    (Original post by Justbreathe)

    I get a little scared when it's this windy and just wondering whether anyone else can hear it outside :/
    Yeahh don't worry, I can also hear it loud and clear outside!
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    the wind can be heard through my fire,anyone else experience this?OP man up your house will not collapse-although,my neighbour did have to fix the fence,between my house and my neighbours, because it was swaying from side to side and pretty much fell down.
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    (Original post by morris743)
    Where are you?! No wind at all here.
    North west
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    is it still cold in the UK? :eek:
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    Should be used to it then
    it's blowing beercans out of the centre and up the hill here.
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    (Original post by XXchachaXX)
    is it still cold in the UK? :eek:
    Freezing! In parts of Scotland it was hotter than Barcelona last week, and then it snowed this week
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    We have some strange weather - I'm down in London with the sun!
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    (Original post by Justbreathe)
    North west
    I'm also in the North West, it's pretty bad here!

    The clouds are moving across the sky really really quickly! :O (easily amused by such things)

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    I'm in the North West and it's snowing.
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    Not snowing in Liverpool ...I'm almost disappointed. Almost.
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    I was awake at half 6 thanks to the wind and rain ¬.¬ I kept dreaming whether I'd be allowed to get a day off work experience at a farm... and I did! :P
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    The wind isn't bad here but it has been snowing (Sheffield)
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    How old are you? Unless it's an actual hurricane or something just :lolwut: you're not going to die.
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    Snowed In Middlesbrough last night, strong winds as well, and I could hear the daft ice-cream van. Fallen on hard times!

    Sunny today, but very windy!
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    Are you Mr. Jelly from the 'Mr. Men' series of books?
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    Put earphones in, then you wont hear the wind xd


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