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"Are you smarter than an atheist" quiz

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    I'm sorry but how is striving for Nirvana not a part of Hinduism?
    The quiz is wrong.
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    and yeah, I'm an atheist.
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    I grabbed a cheeky 23/32. The questions regarding US law and religion totally flawed me, but I'm glad that I learnt something new XD

    (also, thank you South Park for teaching me about Mormon beliefs. It came in handy )
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    29/32 (91%) not bad for an atheist.

    Questions I got wrong:

    Q. What is the first book of the bible?:
    A. I said the old testement thinking it might have been a trick question, I knew it was genesis though!

    Q. According to rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court, is a public school teacher permitted to lead a class in prayer?
    A. I said yes, thinking some states allow this. :dontknow:

    Q. Which of the following best describes Catholic teaching about the bread and wine used for Communion?
    A. I couldn't remember if it was supposed to represent the body of christ or it actually was, so I put represent.
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    26 Atheism ftw
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    (Original post by PrismaticCore)
    I'm sorry but how is striving for Nirvana not a part of Hinduism?
    The quiz is wrong.
    I thought that as well!!!! I put buddhism because that was the first that sprung to mind, but I'm certain most indian religions have nirvana as a philosophy!
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    I am agnostic and got 31/32.

    (I am half american so the questions about America did not really bother me.)
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    Thank you GCSE and A Level RS: 32/32.

    Good thing I'm an atheist.
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    Isn't christian science a bit of an oxymoron?
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    It would have made much more sense for the people posting their scores to also post their religion or belief alongside it.
    24/32 - agnostic/possibly atheist (I flip from one to another depending on my mood that day )

    I got all the protestant/catholic ones wrong, kept getting them the wrong way round, oops!
    Also got the body and blood of christ one wrong too. Because quite simply, the wine and bread does not and can not become the actual body and blood of christ, so I chose the symbolises one because that is the only thing it can ever be but apparently that's wrong... suuure it is.
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    Atheist with 28/32.
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    (Original post by tory88)
    Isn't christian science a bit of an oxymoron?
    It's worse when they have research centres/societies :teehee:
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    31. Elijah, Abraham same person more or less
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    (Original post by GreenLantern1)
    I got 4/5 got bored.

    SoI'm going to say 30/32
    Ah no see 4/5 is only 80%
    Thefore 80% of the total 32 would be 25.6
    Rounding up would then be 27/32

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    27/32. Hooray, I'm smarter than a me!

    I don't know much about religion but many of the questions were straightforward. The hardest part was dealing with the irritating format of the quiz - there shouldn't be a need to click through 64 pages for a 32 question quiz.
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    I'm a Protestant Christian.
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    31/32 from a secular Jew. Missed the Great Awakening one. Definitely an advantage from being a yank, but you have to remember that you are not taking a quiz that was designed for the internet, but as a survey to be given to Americans to study their knowledge. As a side point, who else is frustrated by the conflation of intelligence and knowledge, both in the headline and the game show it references?
    Also, the Christian Science Monitor is a well-respected newspaper whose editorial control has long been separated from the hokey Church of Christ Scientist, whose founder started the newspaper back in the day.
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    I kinda don't want to write what I got:

    19/32 thats embarassing
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    (Original post by RadioHawk)
    Ah no see 4/5 is only 80%
    Thefore 80% of the total 32 would be 25.6
    Rounding up would then be 27/32

    Yes but I am an approximate mathematician. And I know that if I had the will power to do 15 I would have had 14 right
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    16/32 with a few educated gueses.

    Not sure why "i dont know" was even an option...and you got an "incorrect" for picking it...technically i was right - i really didnt know


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Updated: November 12, 2012
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