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Creation of an unbiased vaccine pamphlet

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    I am a student from Sweden currently doing a project that counts towards my final grade. In Sweden, there is solely the possibility of receiving information from the company providing the vaccine in a pamphlet at the vaccine central. I intend to make a model for unbiased pamphlets and I want your help in determining what I could put in my model.

    Imagine there is this completely new vaccine that has recently been launched into the market, what would you want to know about this vaccine prior to a possible consideration of injecting it (except for the fact of what it may protect you from)?

    The side-effects and how likely it is for an individual to attain it on a scale from 1 to 10.

    How likely it is to catch the actual disease that the vaccine is intending to protect an individual from.

    I am grateful for any valuable input
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    How it works?
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    How long it will work for, whether/when boosters will be needed and if it has to be taken as a course of injections over a series of months.


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