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Help--First year mini-pupillages

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    I've posted this in "Career--Legal" but just in case people don't get there often:

    Hello and thanks for reading! I've just seen the other post about mini-pupillages and I'm also in my first year, so I really hope you could help me...
    I have just accepted 5 mini-pupillage offers for my 4-month summer holidays, and each will last two weeks. 2 of them will be at good sets, while the remaining will be with quite new barristers...
    Would you say that I should accept my remaining offer at a famous criminal set? If I do I'll have only 2 weeks of holiday, and like hazelnote in the other thread I'm not sure if doing minis/interns for the whole summer almost non-stop would be too tense and bad for the state of mind before commencing year 2...
    The thing is I don't know how it might feel like doing minis non-stop, and I don't know whether doing that lot of minis would actually help me get better ideas of the procedures.
    Thank you so much for your kind advice!
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    Wowawewa, how did you get said mini-pupillages?
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    I'm doing law at the University of Hong Kong just like hazelnote (I read those UK books actually ) I think the GPA matters a lot... on the other hand I revised my CV a lot...

    Would be grateful for advice... in fact would a summer full of legal stuff affect my ability to concentrate in year 2?
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    There is no reason why you shouldn't accept all of them. Each set will be different in how they structure their minis and what is expected of you. Some will literally sit you in the back of court for a week, others will ask you to draft various documents or write opinions etc. but you certainly won't be working especially hard on every mini you do: you'll more likely be bored than over-worked! It is all good experience and a chance to get an impression of Chambers' atmosphere and work. It certainly won't be of detriment to your second year. Just as long as you have some holiday before the start of term to refresh you'll be absolutely fine.


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