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My plan to weed out wrong candidates for a religious society committee

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    Before I start, I just want to say that EVERYBODY can post up potential questions, even if it isn't about Hinduism as I can a) Manipulate them if they are and b) Most religions overlap so they might be about Hinduism even if you don't think it is.

    At my university we will shortly be having an AGM and deciding on the next year's committee roles for our Hindu Society. I want to make sure the people who will be going for it are the right ones (i.e They don't want to just be on the committee so they can put it on their CV) and so I want to ask certain questions that they will find challenging and will show everyone the reason they are actually going for their respected role. The roles available on the committee are:

    - President
    - General Secretary
    - Treasurer
    - PR Officer
    - Events Co-ordinator
    - Charity Co-ordinator
    - Learning Co-ordinator

    Out of these roles, the ones I feel that need to be questions quite "aggressively" are President (for definite) and maybe the learning and charity co-ordinators however I don't mind asking any candidate any of these questions.

    The first question I would like to ask the potential president is a question that requires a slight in depth (but also basic) Hindu knowledge. The reason for this is I feel the President should be the first person you come and talk to if you want a question about the religion and if this person doesn't know a simple question, they shouldn't be in charge of the religious society.

    Example might be: "Who is the consort of Lord Brahman" or "In Hinduism, where do the River Ganges start" (that might be a little bit more complicated) or finally "What animal is Lord Ganesh's mode of transport".

    Another question would be something along the lines of: "What is your goal, i.e, at this point next year, where would you like the society to be, what would you have liked to achieve?" or a more general question like "What is your idea of a successful society?" and then I could follow up with questions like "Are you aiming for this? What plans have you got in place? Have you done anything for this already?"

    This is all quickly off the top of my head, any questions (about anything, i.e example questions, questions as to why I'm doing this, etc) are much appreciated
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    Idea: Maybe only post the more religious questions to the learning co-ordinator as they should DEFO know this information.
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    Good to see this in action. By weed out you mean have no extremists. I like that. If every religious soc did this, then the world would be so much better.
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    (Original post by blueray)
    Good to see this in action. By weed out you mean have no extremists. I like that. If every religious soc did this, then the world would be so much better.
    No, by weed out, I mean get rid of the people who want to join the committee for the wrong reasons, i.e To put some kind of leadership role on their CV. I want to get rid of the people who don't follow what our uni Hindu soc stands for. There is a slogan: "Promote, Preserve, Protect and Practice Hindu Dharma". Those who don't care about doing this shouldn't run the society.


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