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People who are SERIOUS about running?

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    Hi people,

    I am doing some work on runner trainers, but I am not a serious runner and need to gather some information about the lifestyle of a runner and what is important to a runner.

    Whether this be the actual running trainer itself that is important or your lifestyle even little things that only are important to runners - for example when buying a house do you look at routes around the area before buying?

    Also where are you most likely to take notice of communications about running shoes? e.g online, posters, bus stops ?

    Let me know anything, your comments will be very helpful.

    Thank you
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    your speaking to right guy what you want to know

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    Running shoes are developing into two very distinct styles at the moment: cushioned and minimalist. Each of these are complete opposites and work on different theories, both of which are right. Personally I am still sticking to cushioned shoes in general as barefoot running looks like it has injuries written all over it. Minimalist shoes are meant to encourage a natural running style by offering little or no protection. Cushioned shoes offer plenty of support and protection for the feet while running.
    I read running magasines and follow runners blogs and so see adverts for and hear about running shoes like that. When looking to buy a shoe I generally know what I am looking for and just go and buy it(on the internet). Club runners will often be very happy to give advice to each other about which different shoes are best for whichever reasons.
    Runners buy shoes depending on their mileage, where they run trail/road/track, how fast they run speed/endurance/racing.
    I currently have Salomon XR crossmax(trail shoe), Asics gel nimbus 13(road shoe) and a mizuno wave musha 3(racing road shoe).

    I hope that helps, a bit maybe.


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