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Mobile Phone Insurance

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    Is mobile phone insurance worth getting?

    Do the insurers actually fix/replace the phones or do they attempt to use small print to not pay up?

    I'm looking to contract a highend smartphone soon so would be interested to know.

    Thank you.
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    (Original post by binaryman)
    Is mobile phone insurance worth getting?

    Do the insurers actually fix/replace the phones or do they attempt to use small print to not pay up?

    I'm looking to contract a highend smartphone soon so would be interested to know.

    Thank you.

    I treat my phone like a part of myself, so I am naturally extremely careful, and I have NEVER had any major accidents with my current smartphone, or any that I have owned in the past for that matter.

    However, if you spend long hours outside/commuting/clubbing etc, (especially in places like London, Birmingham, Manchester etc) it might be worth looking at.

    In the end the choice is up to you.

    I have heard FoneSafe is pretty good, and costs start from 4.99 a month.


    They have decent customer service, and the claim will be dealt with reasonably fast, although if your phone breaks, they will try to repair the phone rather than replace it (they will replace if it cannot be repaired).

    Whomever you go with though you must be EXTRA careful to both read the policy in full and keep the insurance people up to date with your details. If you miss out anything important or do not claim in time etc you are VERY likely to lose your claim. Having said that, if you are mindful you wont have an issue
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    have a look on protectyourbubble.com i found it had amazing prices really cheap! xx
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    According to me yes its worth getting Mobile phone insurance....Your new phone comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. But that only covers equipment failure caused by a defect or malfunction. You’re out of luck if the phone is lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged.
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    no, wouldnt go with fonesafe. just google fonesafe tmobile. you get dozens of people complaining about the company. if its just one or two people complaining, fair enough, but when more than 5 people angrily complain on the internet and their complaints are reasonable, thats not at all a good sign.

    i have been trying to cancel tmobile phone for ages, it takes quite long time just to speak with the customer services and then the cancellation department. all try to convince you that sticking to tmobile is a good idea. even if you manage to cancel the contract with tmobile, you still need to make another phonecall to cancel the fonesafe contract. if you just cancel the tmobile contract, you will still be billed for the monthly insurance.

    i would avoid tmobile. o2 seems better. they let you leave fast if thats what you want. and joining is also super-easy. no pushy sales about the insurance either.
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    Buy from Tesco and you'll get Free insurance for the contract length, you do have to pay a fee every time you claim though, but that's never above £75
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    My partner previously had insurance with Phones4U, £6.99 per month.

    The first repair cost me £50 excess (as it was within the first few months of taking out the contract). The second time, there was no excess change. However there way a limit to 3 (i think) repairs per year.

    However, 24 month contract x 6.99 per month = £167.67 total insurance cost. There must be a cheaper way.

    It may be worth looking into the following:
    - house insurance - how much can you add cover for items insured out side the home. what the excess? May effect your no claim years
    - american express (however im sure may more offer this service) - monthly cover for members only £10 per month covers 10 gadgets, no excess. This seems like really good value for money.

    With regards to getting the phone fixed, I have not yet had an insurance company not repair the phone. Im pretty sure the majority of problems they see are pretty quick and cheap to repair.

    Hope this helps.
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    I'm on protect your bubble. Fiver a month, can't go wrong!
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    thats 60 a year, and if you like me, have had a mobile since 12 or 13, in 10 years you pay 600, they do direct debt, and they repair the phone only in case your phone is broken or something like that. not you left your phone in a nightclub. and when they assess your claim, you go without the phone for like a month. and some of those insurance companies are investigated by the fsa.

    i have paid 7.99 or something like that over 5 years and have changed my phone set 4 times, blackberry, iphone, htc and back to backberry again. everytime you change your phone gadget, you have to let your insurance company know, so there is a cost associated with that. i have paid 480 and made no claims.

    150 - 200 gets you a brandnew blackberry, not sure if the mobile insurance is worth it.

    (Original post by 2PacStudent)
    I'm on protect your bubble. Fiver a month, can't go wrong!
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    I am insured with orange and have had good experiences. They have replaced my phone next when its been broken and stolen. When I first had my blackberry, also with Orange a few years ago I didn't have insurance, it broke and they wouldn't fix it. I would recommend it if you can afford it.

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my GT-I9100
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    No is the answer from me.


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