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Revision Trouble

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    Ok so I'm now half-way through the Easter Holidays and I have done NO revision whatsoever. My mum forces me to go work and I just sit in my room and do everything except work (a bit like I'm doing now).
    I've never really needed to revise (that sounded really arrogant) but I just glided through GCSEs without doing any work. And now we're doing AS everything has changed. During the mocks I had the same cocky attitude and didn't work, expecting to get good grades...and now I have realised that ASs are diferent and that I will need to put some effort in. I got terrible results back from my mocks and had an awful parents conference.
    I think I'm just really lazy. I'll sit in my room all day and go on the internet, play video-games or watch films. And then the worst part - when it's time for supper I'll come downstairs and actually LIE to my mum about the 'work' I've been doing.
    Has anyone got any tips or advice?
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    Im in exactly the same boat!
    The only motivation i have is that our maths teacher has set us homework and will check it... and im very scared of her haha .
    i dont know how to get motivated i usually leave it all till the last minute.
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    i need motivation too!!!! havent done ANY revision yet either - aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    oh owh....niether me Help me...please
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    Need motivation or I just watch bbc iplayer all day
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    Let yourself flop AS and you'l get all the motivation you'll ever need next year.

    Anywho, one tip id give is to do a max of 2 hours of revision per topic. It keeps you interested (compared to doing 5 hours of back to back maths :s )
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    I need motiviation, too. I've written up a revision timetable but have no idea how to start: do I write notes? I don't start doing past papers until next week...

    Argh, I need to get into the mindset
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    Think about the feeling you would get after seeing all As when opening your results on results day! Or if you're not that type of person, think about the feeling you would get if you get bad marks on results day (some people scare themselves into revision )!


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