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dip-dyeing tips of hair

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  • View Poll Results: What colour and how?
    How; all the same level
    How; all the same length of all layers
    How; all the same lengthon the longer layers
    Colour; blonde
    colour; black
    colour; red
    colour; pink
    colour; blue
    colour; green
    colour; multi/other (please say in a reply)

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    The poll is multiple choice but please only pick one 'how' and one 'colour'

    I don't want to completely dye my hair but I think dyeing a few cm of the ends would looks nice and interesting. my hair is layered, curly an shoulder length, although a bit shorter in look as it's wavy.

    At the moment my hair is a light brown colour with a slight blondey-auburn tinge depending on the light. I wear a lot of green clothes so wouldn't want something that clashed with those.

    I dunno which colour to do it though. Any suggestions, my skin is quite light although I get a decent tan in the summer.

    Plus I'd do it myself, my hair is layered and rather wavy so how would I do it? Would it look best if done all to the same level this would mean the longest layers would have the maximum amount on and shorter layers might have less than a cm, OR so each bit of hair has roughly say 2cm of dye? Although maybe only on the longer layers as some of my layers are rather short.

    I quite like the hair in the pic below although I'd probably choose a different combo of colours. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	LaurensDyedEnds.jpg 
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    I've currently got red dip-dyed hair and I love it was pink in the summer but it didn't last very long so I decided to try something new.

    Personally I'd have it all the same length. Yes, some of your layers will have little or no dye on them, but it looks better than it ending up all wonky. Put your hair in 6 bunches beforehand to make sure it's all level, and that makes it easier.

    I'd actually suggest red- your hair is slightly auburn so you know it'll suit you, and red hair looks really pretty with a green top. Or you could try experimenting with a combination of colours, but if so you definitely need a friend to help (and I'd suggest sticking with one colour until you're sure about what you're doing!).


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Updated: April 12, 2012
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