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Guys: When did you start sleeping alone?

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    (Original post by Bazlehman)
    I remember other people breathing next to me made me want to strangle them.
    There goes your relationship
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    I haven't the faintest idea. 2 maybe?
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    7 i think
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    I shared a room with my two brother until I was about 10 I think when we all got separate rooms.
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    I dunno, since a very young age, but my sisters sleep together and they are 15 and 12, obviously if there was space they would have their separate rooms, etc.
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    Since I was old enough not to be in a cot. My parents moved into a 3 bedroom house so me and my brother never shared a room at all even though he's not that much younger than me. Don't know if that's weird or not...
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    I always had my own room. Nobody was allowed into it at night-time, so I generally screamed myself to sleep as a baby. No, seriously, my Gran was banned from babysitting after she was caught comforting me when I was 4 or something.
    No wonder I had severe sleeping problems until the age of 17-18!
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    I've been sleeping alone for as long as I can remember, so probably when I was 2. I had no siblings close to my age and little dependence on my parents. I always thought this was normal but a lot of people here were much later. As far as I know it had no long term psychiatric effects... I hope
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    I think I was 2...

    Why do you want to know this anyway?
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    Since the dawn of time. Roundabout '92.
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    I'm 20 and I still share my bed with my brother, who is 24
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    I remember when I was around 6-7 if I had a nightmare but my parents wouldn't let me sleep in their bed, I would go downstairs fetch my mattress, covers and pillows and just plant them at the bottom of their bed. That somehow fixed everything..
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    Like, 3-4?
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    I had a room with my brother, but there had to be someone in other room, or hear TV if you like
    I remember that I was scared of darkness, I had to have something lighted in my room.
    The age I didn't care about it and actually enjoyed "darky" sleep was at 15 Shame one me
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    I'm told about 3. I always had a nightlight on though, until I was about 7. Now, I keep one plugged into a socket near the head of my bed for use purely when I'm reading in bed without all the lights on before sleeping.
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    Until I was about 5.
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    As soon as I was out of the cot.
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    I do not at all remember sleeping in the same room as my parents :lolwut:

    I may have as a baby sometimes, but not ordinarily - I've always had my own bedroom since birth.

    Are some of you being serious when you say you were six or seven and still slept in the same room as someone else? :lolwut:
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    Girls stopped sleeping with me at 19.
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    Always had my own room and bed from birth except when I turned 17 and went to uni.... had a shared dorm room with bunk beds.


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Updated: April 6, 2012
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