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Guys: When did you start sleeping alone?

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    I was just thinking about this recently.

    I started sleeping on my own very late (for various reasons). By "sleeping alone", I mean, sleeping on your own room. Ie, not with your parents or whoever who brought you up.

    This is a bit of a weird thread
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    (Original post by Hood_Man)
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    Yeah, i think i was 9 as well actually.
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    How old were you tobe?
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    Well, I had to share a room with a brother until I was 12 so it took a long time.
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    I can't remember the exact age, but it was early. I remember other people breathing next to me made me want to strangle them. It still annoys me. They may secretly be awake and plotting against me, so I sleep with one eye open.

    My brother though still sleeps in our mum's bed, partly because at first there weren't enough beds in the house. He's 18 in a few days. If he doesn't start regularly using his own bed he's gonna go MJ and never be master of his own fate.
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    When do you start primary school? I think it was a year or two before that. Really can't remember though
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    Must be different for girls because I'm sure I've been sleeping alone since birth
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    We had limited rooms in my old house, so i had to share with my Brother.

    But when we moved house when i was 9, i got my own room.
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    I was about 8 because I had to share a room with my brother, but my parents converted the attic into a bedroom for my brother. Problem was, the entrance to the attic was in my room.
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    In my own room when I was about 3, I think :erm:

    Until then I used to sleep in a cot in my parents' room
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    I shared with my sister until my brother could sleep in a proper bed, then I shared with him until I went to uni at 19. Fun times.
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    When I was six my little brother came along so he moved into the bedroom with my middle brother and I got pushed out into the study.
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    always slept on my own assumed this was normal guess not
    unless We visited family or friends and they didn't have spare rooms for each of us

    of course I know some share with brothers and sisters but the OP doesn't ask that so sleeping with your parents until 9 or something is a little strange.
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    I was 16. Looking at some people's answers, I realize it wasn't a great deal
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    I had my very own bunk bed, so I started sleeping on my own in my big-girl bed at a very young age :teeth:
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    I thought OP meant parents/guardians and not siblings. I've slept without my parents from 6months
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    I have a really small house with quite a lot of people.. I shared with my sister till I was 17? 18?


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