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What are the first few things you would do if you won a £million

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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    (Original post by Xenopus;37002020[B)
    ]It's near the end of tax year, so I would put some into an ISA before I lost the chance to use up this years allowance[/B].
    Then I would get a sportscar, probably a Morgan plus 4.
    ur joking right?
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    Investing, saving, using it for uni, living off interest, eventually giving in and buying a Lamborghini (the one in my avatar hehe )
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    Put away at least 70% of the money, and the rest would be split between:

    1) Debt
    2) Charity
    3) Travelling
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    Buy a house in a nice area and let it for the years I'm at University and then buy a hatchback for each of my brothers. Wouldn't donate to charity as they're so wasteful in their money, instead I'd donate to a few local schools as education is important!
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    Tell my boss to **** right off
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    Invest. Invest. Invest.
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    firstly i would have a bloody good night out with my friends (nothing crazy, just a nice night to celebrate with people i love).

    then i would pay my bills off (i know, its a very boring thing but would be my first instinct after celebrating and would take a load off my mind). i would then finally get a car,just a nice little car, nothing fancy and have a bit of a "spoil myself shopping trip". i would want to put quite a bit aside in my savings. i would then maybe look into a slightly bigger place to rent for the rest of my course (purely so i can be reunited with my drumkit and just to have a tiny bit more space). i would also treat various members of my family who have supported me so much, especially during my course at uni, and i would help my sister out towards her wedding a bit and make sure she has a damn good hen night. i would also take myself and my best friend to download again, as we went last year and loved it but unfortunately neither of us can afford it this year. and would probably go to a lot more gigs. oh and finally get my tattoo as its all drawn up, i just need it drawing professionally by a tattoo artist and then doing, which i cant do until i have some money.

    so not the most outragous of plans, but enough to give myself and the people i love a little bit of happiness.
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    invest those badboys
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    Get a top-notch education, invest in funds run by big investment banks while studying to protect my money from inflation and hopefully make some gains.
    Once I have a degree and some work experience, invest in businesses.
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    Burn it.
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    (Original post by AdvStudy)
    Buy a house in a nice area and let it for the years I'm at University and then buy a hatchback for each of my brothers. Wouldn't donate to charity as they're so wasteful in their money, instead I'd donate to a few local schools as education is important!
    At least somebody has common sense.
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    First thing i'd do is pay of my parents mortgage and then divide the rest amongst my siblings. Though a million just wouldn't stretch as far as i'd like.
    With my portion i'd buy a house and go on a dream holiday somewhere exotic.
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    Put £950,000 into a very high interest savings account somewhere abroad, like India, where they're offering up to 10% interest

    Keep the other £50,000 in a current account to use until I start earning
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    I'd be boring and put it in a high interest bank account and come back to it after university.
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    Clear out the off licence.
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    Buy a Burberry trench coat... if I ever own one, I'll know I've hit the jackpot lol
    Click image for larger version. 

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    1) Pay off my car finance!
    2) Invest a fair amount into properties at auction, renovate and rent.
    3) Buy myself a nice little flat in my area to live in. (Expensive area, I don't particularly need a house!)
    3) Have far less to worry about whilst completing my degree!
    4) I'd continue my part time job - 1 million just aint going to keep me for the rest of my life!
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    buy ****loads of houses.
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    give some to charity, have a huuuuuage party, go travelling
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    Buy my parents a nice new car firstly, they can't afford to buy a new one or have the existing one fixed. Then give £5,000 to my little sis, to spend on what she wants immediately, and put £50,000 aside for her education. I'd also pay my parents' mortgage off and buy my grandparents their own house. Another thing I would do is purchase decent accommodation for myself for during and after uni. The rest would probably go into savings. This probably wouldn't end up being much but I don't care, my family could really use that money now and I honestly would be happier giving it to them than keeping it to myself.


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