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What are the first few things you would do if you won a £million

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    or if money wasn't an issue?
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    Buy a house in Leeds and live the ultimate student lifestyle for the rest of my degree. :awesome:
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    Ask for all my friends and families bank details and secretly transfer money into all their accounts....

    Don't really know why this is being negged lol, I'd love to surprise everyone
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    lambo, standard
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    Deposit it all into a high interest savings account. :u:

    And i'd buy some awesome surprise presents for my family. :^_^:
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    Use some to live on comfortably for the rest of my degree and with the rest:


    1. invest in business
    2. invest in property when the time is right
    3. start my own business
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    It's near the end of tax year, so I would put some into an ISA before I lost the chance to use up this years allowance.
    Then I would get a sportscar, probably a Morgan plus 4.
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    Cars, a house, clothes and luxuries. I will put the rest in the bank to accumulate interest so I can do that again in a few years.

    I'm so materialistic... :emo:
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    In this order:

    - Buy a series of pastel-coloured suits, cut in the style popular in the fifties
    - Buy a Parisian atelier
    - Continue to do what I do now
    - Spend the foreseeable future absolutely ********d
    - Die with my £500 overdraft still in tact
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    pay off my parents mortgage, buy a round the world ticket and get to the nearest airport asap. Then travel until the money ran out.
    sounds like a dream!
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    buy 5 million freddos
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    I'd actually pay my way into a good university.
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    Put it in the bank and start earning some interest on it.
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    I'd give it to a few select charities.

    1) I'm confident in my abilities to afford my own house anyway
    2) The karma boost from donating a million to charity would severely outweigh whatever ipads or clothes I bought.
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    Pay off my debt

    And then go and have a big party
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    1) University
    2) Bags
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    I've always said that if I won the lottery, I'd donate 10% to charity. I'd distribute the rest among some family members and place most of my portion in savings. I'd use some of that to get on the property ladder and pay my uni fees, and spend a little on materialistic stuff like clothes.
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    Pay tuition fees...
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    Go on an awesome exotic holiday. Buy a nice car, home cinema and an amazing computer. Give a fair bit to charity. Keep the rest in the bank, just as a precaution, and use the interest as extra income.


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Updated: April 5, 2012
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