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4 hours revision

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    Was just wondering if four hours revision per day for Easter holiday and study leave would be necessary to achieve B's - A*'s at GCSE. Some friends are doing a school day but I feel I lose concentration easily

    That depends on your ability.

    Some people can achieve B's - A*'s at GCSE with no revision whatsoever.
    Others can't achieve 5 C's or above with more than four hours of revision per day.

    Personally, I think that four hours a day is too much, nevermind a full school day. On the other hand, if revising that much is going to improve someones grades then I'm certainly not going to discourage them from revising that much.

    For the best advice, I would suggest asking each of your subjects teachers about how much preperation is needed in that subject for you to achieve your target grade (or the grade that you want, as long as you're realistic).

    I haven't started any revision yet, I might do an hour here and there though.

    Anyone who's negged me was castrated at birth by a rabid feline.

    I guess you guys should make a study plan. See how much information you can absorb for a period of time and work your way on that. Set your goals. I advise that you take all your topics and plan a revision timetable that will get you to study everything until the week before the exam. Then the week before the exam all you would need to do is revise and get your past papers.

    Past papers.

    Pat papers.


    Anyway, in my opinion I just think it's more effective for me as an individual to plan my revision by topics rather than by time. It would be better for me to study 3 hours today, 2 hours tmr, 4 hours later on and just go with the flow. It would be better than studying a solid three hours a day but not have everything covered, do you get what I mean?

    Anyway I'm one to talk. I didn't revise for my GCSEs until a week beforehand with a few hours a day, managed to average on Bs.

    4 - 5 hours is just about right (It's what I'm doing anyway). Don't do it in blocks though. For example, say you do 4 hours of History one day, then a different subject for another day. Mix your subjects throughout the day.

    I'm aiming for similiar grades and doing about 3 hours of revision

    Not enough. You may as well just go ahead and pick up a London Met prospectus if you're not willing to put in the effort at this crucial stage.

    12 hours minimum.

    I did around 5-6 Hours a day last year for my GCSE's But started around Feb due to being off school! :rolleyes:

    i wouldn't do 4 hours in a row, do 4 hours in total like 30 minutes break, 30 minutes ect If you want to do more do more

    4 hours :rofl: for GCSEs you probably need about an hour a day in total outside of lessons.. You can do most/all of it during school.

    (Original post by lukas1051)
    4 hours :rofl: for GCSEs you probably need about an hour a day in total outside of lessons.. You can do most/all of it during school.

    Why do people insist on telling others what they 'need'?
    Why do people insist on mocking those who revise for longer periods of time?

    These things are different for everyone. Why can't the people who flaunt their shorter revision times, the ones who would appear to be more intelligent as they revise less, not understand this?

    4 hours should be enough-any more would be over the top because you still need time to relax and enjoy yourself.I should be revising soon for my 7 exams in the summer.


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Updated: April 5, 2012
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