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Tennyson - Critical Analysis

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    I have been doing practice essays - and I have been struggling to hit the AO3 for section (a) part (2), Has anyone got any critical material for Tennyson poetry. I know all you need to do is present different views but I would like to see some critical material. Here are the poems

    -Lady of SHallot
    -The lotus Eaters

    English Literature B AQA - Aspects of narrative

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    Something like this:

    Critical Material – Tennyson
    • A.A Markley "Tithonus" offers a viewpoint opposite to that of "Ulysses" on the theme of the acceptance of death.[3] He writes that “while 'Ulysses' explores the human spirit that refuses to accept death, 'Tithonus' explores the human acceptance of the inevitability, and even the appropriateness, of death as the end of the life cycle.
    • William E. Cain, "Tithonus has discovered the curse of fulfilment, of having his carelessly worded wish come true. He lives where no man ought to live, on the other side of the horizon, the other side of the border that Ulysses could only plan to cross
    • Johnathon Wearworth "The poem [Mariana] is an outstanding insight into the primative ideal that is Tennyson's take on life in all its worthlessness."
    • J. Fox praises the depiction of women within the whole of Poems, Chiefly Lyrics and says that Tennyson's "portraits are delicate, his likenesses [...] perfect, and they have life, character, and individuality. They are nicely assorted also to all the different gradations of emotion and passion which are expressed in common with the descriptions of them. There is an appropriate object for every shade of feeling, from the light touch of passing admiration to the triumphant madness of soul and sense, or the deep and everlasting anguish of survivorship."


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