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what type of foundation brush should I get?

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    hi I'm going to buy a brush for my foundation (using Laura mercier silk creme) as at the moment i just use my fingers, and don't really like the finish it gives me. I'm going to buy a brush from Real Techniques - I heard of this brand from YouTube beauty channels. BUT, I'm stuck as to whether I need a stippling brush or a foundation brush? RT does them both, and I'm thinking of getting the foundation brush as thats what it's for, but I don't really get what a stippling brush does.
    any ideas, and any thoughts on which type of brush to get? (doesn't have to be necessarily real techniques-just in your opinion, which is better)

    I use the Real Techniques Core Collection - it includes the stippling brush and the foundation brush (plus a contour and concealer brush).

    I apply my foundation with the foundation brush initially and then use the stippling brush in a circular motion to really make sure my foundation doesn't look streaky. The stippling brush is by far my favourite out of the collection! It makes my foundation rub into my skin like a second layer of skin - its perfect.

    Also, if you're thinking of buying both the foundation and stippling from Real Techniques you may as well buy the Core Collection which cost me 21.99 from Boots. The 2 brushes cost around £8-£10 separately, so the Core Collection is great value.

    I have the core collection too and it's awesome. But it's a buffing brush in the pack not the stippling brush, they sell that separately. But I prefer using the buffing brush with my liquid foundation anyway. So I'd definitely recommend this collection

    get one like this Name:  mac-190-foundation-brush.jpg
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    hmm my opinion about the stipling brush is still not definite, I believe the foundation brush (good quality) gives a better/more flawless finish

    The foundation brush simply applies the foundation to the skin so that you can mix it in quickly. It can leave a streaky finish. The stippling brush is where you pat the foundation onto your skin in circular motions. It leaves an airbrushed finish and you will 100% notice the difference.
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    thanks for the replies guys! i decided to order the stippling brush...though i may invest in the core collection in the future thanks!


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