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What's a good salary?

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    Depends on the work you're doing, how good you are at managing money, if you're providing for a family, where you live, any vices you have and a million other variables.
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    I would love a salary of around 40k I would feel like a millionaire!
    Our entire current household income is around 25k we are a family of 6...

    I will start on 21k after 4yrs of study. Although I am ambituous and will do everything neccesary to climb the ladder quickly :-)

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    To me a good salary is one where you can pay all your bills, have food on the table for you/your family and still have enough left to treat yourself!
    I can definitely comment on what a bad salary is..MINE! Minimum wage, £110.40 a week working my arse off catering to the food needs of staff and residents at a care home. Better than JSA I suppose!

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    I think a good salary would be one which allows you £30,000 after tax. The further above that you go, the better.
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    (Original post by Besakt)
    Enough so you can afford the things you need.
    That's about £9000 a year then?
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    (Original post by jacketpotato)
    45k is still a very comfortable existence. It's well abovethe average gross pay of £25k for a full time worker. You could rent a nice 1-bedroom flat in central London for about 18k a year, which still leaves plenty for a pension and plenty of disposable income.

    If its well managed there really shouldn't be a problem.
    if you paid 18k a year for your rent, you'd be left with 1,533.60 a year for everything else inc gas, elec, food, water, council tax,
    I dont think it can be done..

    your take home on 25k is £19,533.60
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    As a graduate starting out I would expect around 24-28k outside london (28-32k ) in london and after a few years 35k would be good, but when im in my late 30s early 40s I want to be on around 50-60k
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    Depends where you're living, of course. Someone living in the north wouldn't require as much as someone living in, say, London.

    I'd say whatever's enough to pay the bills and buy food, and leave enough left over to treat yourself and family.
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    Is 22,000?
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    Good in this economy? Anything above NMW.
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    Depends where u live. If ure single, married and with kids.
    Also does it really matter? I mean if u do something u love and ure happy it doesn't matter if the pay is high or low.
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    I would be pretty satisfied with £40K


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Updated: November 7, 2012
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