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What's a good salary?

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    (Original post by Strangertttt)
    Guys, it can be done. Just burst the 90k barrier, just turned 32. From a council estate, 6 people in 3 rooms. Get educated, get a job, work hard, play the corporate game, don't moan, do it, do better..........only had 2 jobs ever. First one, 2 promotions in 4 years. Second one, 2 promotions in 4 years. I'm no snob, remember my roots, and still dress like a hillbilly outside of wrk.
    You created an account on a student forum just to offer us words of inspiration? What even brought you to this thread.. did you literally google "What's a good salary" just so you could then gloat?

    Seems legit.
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    It all depends on your goals and what expenses you have + whether there's children or a partner . I earn around 23k a year and find it a lot , but I'm single and pay low rent (around £350 a month) with all bills included . Saying that I have friends who earn 40-50k a year always moaning that their skint . But they have flash cars, clothes and a more expensive lifestyle than me . I suppose it depends on if your happy with your 'lot' and how ambitious you are in regards to money ... Another point is a lot of high paying jobs are not always ones a person enjoys and some great jobs a person loves are sometimes very low paid but they have a passion for it . The ideal would be if you could get a job you both enjoy and well payed for .
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    Depends totally on your situation I think.

    When I got my first full time proper job to live off I lived in an awful flat in Manchester (reasonably cheap housing) and as a couple we made it on my £17k a year. It was a good salary for someone who was just a student.

    A year later I was on £24k a year, which at the time I considered a good salary. But we were actually worse off, as we got a cheap-to-run car (that's never going to be cheap enough) and we moved to Bristol for the work, which was much more expensive.

    Few years later I was on £31k, and my partner was working mostly full time. I considered that a great salary, we could afford a house, better car. We were making over-payments on the mortgage.

    Now I'm on £38k. I consider that a very good salary. But we had a kid. Kid+House+Car-One Income. Financially, we're much worse off. But considering we can cope, these days a single salary is still pretty good.

    Would I still think £17k is good though? No. Nor £24k. I've got so many more commitments, we'd struggle with less than £30 I think, given the cost of gaining an income again (childcare costs).

    Very much depends on where you are in life and your situation. I've gone from low salary to high salary, and I've never felt that money has been flowing easy. All my increases in salary have been absorbed by a slowly increasing lifestyle cost that you really don't notice. I'm not surprised people who earn 50k don't feel well off.
Updated: March 11, 2016
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