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Why can't men participate in women's beach volleyball?

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    (Original post by Darkphilosopher)
    Clue is in the name.

    edit: derp, too late.
    Lil' bit, still im obviously not the only one that can see how ridiculous the question is =L
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    Do you mean like mixed doubles like in tennis/badminton?

    I don't see why not aslong as each team has the same amount of men and women. Although the men might just stand there and watch their team-mate jump up and down jiggling her boobs. :sexface:
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    (Original post by Foghorn Leghorn)
    Yeah I know, my point was being a man doesn't necessarily give you an unfair advantage in formula one, because in general if you only need to build up a level of tolerance to take the corners at such g. After that it's down to driving ability. Therefore women and men can compete together.
    I think anyone who isn't out to cause an argument can understand what you're saying and it makes sense - unlike things like football, rugby, wrestling etc where height and build and physical capability play a part, that doesn't apply to things like F1 driving where it is driving ability.


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