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What was/is your favourite GCSE subject?

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    Then I took it at A level and became suicidal. I really underestimated the difference a language would be at A level compared to GCSE.
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    English Literature and History.

    (Can't lie, I have love for Maths too though!)
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    French and maths.
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    History, Biology and French
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    History and Maths
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    (Original post by SimpleGirl)

    Then I took it at A level and became suicidal. I really underestimated the difference a language would be at A level compared to GCSE.
    I'm exactly the same, Loved it at GCSE, but hate the A-Level with a vengance :P
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    product design , it was like art with less coursework and more practical even though I wasn't very good it was more fun than the other subjects
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    I actually like all of my GCSE subjects, apart from English Lit and Lang which I both hate with a passion! Geography can get quite tedious too, but it's not that bad. Luckily, I've only got about 25 more hours of English left and then I'm rid of it for life
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    English. Looking back I wish I'd taken it instead of Maths at A level, but that's the beauty of hindsight.

    I make do with spending my spare time reading the books my English-taking friends whinged about and wondering why they thought they were so bad.
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    Chemistry, my teacher was awesome
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    History was amazing at GCSE. It's still pretty good at A-level.
    Drama was fun, too. We had an evil, patronising teacher who I hated with great passion. But it was drama, so I had license to **** about and not listen to her.
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    (Original post by SimpleGirl)

    Then I took it at A level and became suicidal. I really underestimated the difference a language would be at A level compared to GCSE.
    Totally agree - Spanish A level made me want to die! Dropped it after AS thankfully.

    My favourite GCSEs were History, Child Development (incredibly interesting, and easy, and a MUCH better choice for me than Drama would have been) and Chemistry - I still love Chemistry (and History).
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    Double SCIENCE !!!! got my A in it
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    Maths, Sciences(had 10 lessons a week), and ICT as it's a chill lesson. :P DT was also fun.

    Worst: RE(boring), English(urgh..), History(kinda boring)
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    (Original post by (:Becca(:)
    Or ICT because it was a joke and was effectively a free lesson.
    COMPLETELY agree with this, however i still dont have my result and i should off got it in August with the others....
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    English literature, but then at A level I had an awful teacher so History/Biology quickly became my favourites
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    Definitely Art It was so satisfying and chilled.
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    Like: Science (Biology & Chemistry)

    Dislike: English Lit/Lang.
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    History and English Literature I like my favourite subjects!!

    I guess it's also because I'm good at them as well but hey ho ;D


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