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scared of pregnancy

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    unfortunalety i fell pregnant a few months ago and went through a rough time with a termination,
    this has let me feeling anxious and have very little faith in contraception
    i now have the implant fitted, but still in fear of falling pregnant with the failing of contraception
    a few days ago, i slept with my partner for the first time since the termination. i was just coming onto my period, we used a condom, plus the implant fitted.
    i understand that the implant is 99% effective, but i'm in need of reassurance from others in my position?

    thank you

    My girlfriend and I are a fairly young couple. So we use +2 contraceptive methods at all times. If you're taking the pill, got an implant, and using a condom, there isn't much more you can do really. He could get a vasictomy but that's a bit extreme.
    Ask your doctor about getting a second line of defence. make sure it doesn't conflict with what you already use.


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