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What if 'no other course matches your expectations'

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    I'm just in the process in finding the top 5 coures that I want to apply for later in the year (field: Public Relations) and have fallen in love with one. Naturally, it is also the one with the highest entry level requirements and the most valued one in the industry. The course offering matches exactly what I want and the thought of it makes me do a happy dance in excitement.

    The thought of NOT getting onto the course fills me with absolute dread. I am terrified. I have the qualifications, having worked in marketing and about to do an internship in a prominent PR company, but what if I can't manage the grades? I can't beg and plead with them. Oh dear...

    Any advice?
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    which university is it?
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    Have you applied for entry September 2012 and are awaiting your results?
    - if so, you will just have wait it out. Hopefully you will get the results you need and you will not be faced with the dilemma.

    If you are applying for entry September 2013, now is the time to sort out personal statement, references and grade predictions. Then make sure that you are in the best position to achieve the grade you need.

    It is easy to convince yourself that there is only one place that you can possible study, but you need to decide if it is the qualification and eventual career that you want or the bragging rights of having gone to the "right university and the right course". Bragging rights will not ensure that you get the job or career that you want. So of the 4 other places that you have identified, that do your course, which is one is your second choice. Go to the open days and talk to lecturers about their course. Sometimes course descriptions undersell or oversell, by talking to the lecturers involved in the course, you can gain a much better idea about whether it provides what you need. The current year's best course, can over period of a 3 year degree slip back as others improve their courses to compete.

    No matter where you go, you will need to build on your existing experience, maintain and build contacts in industry to ensure that you have the career you want after completing your degree.


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