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Should I end it?

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    So me and my boyfriend have been together nearly 9 months now. We've had our ups and downs like all couples but generally things are great. He's cute, sweet, kind, makes me tea when I'm tired always wants to hang out with me etc. But recently I've been wondering whether I'm with him because I love him or just because he is the perfect guy? There is nothing in the relationship that warrants us breaking up (except in a few months as he is moving to the US). But sometimes it just dosent feel right (though sometimes it does!?) I'm so confused! Anyone have any advice? :confused:
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    Only you can work that out. If he does everything right, why wouldn't you love him? So why do you have these doubts?
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    Maybe discuss it with him and see if he feels any differently. But if you are having these thoughts then you probably aren't feeling it enough.
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    What makes you think he's the "perfect guy"?.. the fact that you have doubts indicates that you don't even believe that to be the case ~ he's perfectly nice* to you.. which is something different
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    (Original post by Foo.mp3)
    What makes you think he's the "perfect guy"?.. the fact that you have doubts indicates that you don't even believe that to be the case ~ he's perfectly nice* to you.. which is something different
    I don't know, he's just so sweet and kind and lovely. I guess my problem is that I've always thought there needs to be a REASON to break up and theres not other than my feelings. I guess you are right Lucia if I'm having these thoughts it probably isn't enough... But really don't want to hurt him...
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    (Original post by Green_girl94)
    But really don't want to hurt him...
    Well, put yourself in his shoes.. he needs to know if it isn't all rosey sooner or later. If it were me I'd tell my partner that I love them but that when they go away we should go back to being friends so we can both pursue happiness while he is away

    If he really forces you into a corner then you must just be totally honest and say it's been great but that you are young and want to experiment different things with different people

    He'll never take it well if he is really into you but at least you'll have done the right thing in the long term by you both
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    Yeah foo is right, and it's hard to leave a relationship without hurting someone in the process. You have to rely on the knowledge that what you did was right. Hindsight will be kind to you.


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Updated: April 6, 2012
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