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samantha brick....whats you take?

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    I can't believe the reaction of people to be honest. This woman is clearly trolling us and we're actually giving her attention.
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    Her 2 articles are a bit "um, okay...? " (for want of a better description), but I dunno, I don't think she really deserves all this hate she's getting.

    Because if she's sincerely telling the truth that all these men give her attention and women treat her badly because they think she's good-looking, then how is that her fault really and what will throwing spiteful comments do?

    But if she's making stuff up or exaggerating, then OK that's a bit pathetic of her, but then again why is that any reason for people to treat her like she's committed the crime of a century? Like Colour Me Pretty said, why can't people concentrate their energy getting angry about more pressing issues in the world and just ignore this woman who may be silly but hasn't really done anything wrong?

    I'll probably getting negged to death for this post, but oh well, it really bothers me how human beings can be so cruel to each other and I don't know how I can keep living in this awful world :sad:
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    As soon as i saw her picture i came....

    ....To realisation that she is a complete prick.
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    (Original post by paula.a)
    What do you think
    If a woman is beautiful, thinks she is beautiful and feels that other hate her because she is such, that is her opinion and I honestly don't care.

    Although I must admit that women are weird and do hate on other beautiful women, it is a circle that does a mans head in :rofl:
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    haha, it really doesn't matter whether she thinks other women thinks shes good looking. as a man - i'm going to inform her - she looks like carol thatcher with palsy.

    or does that make me jealous? I don't get it.
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    I take it all back, she's not a very nice woman to consider for the title of 'a beautiful woman'.
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    I think the whole issue is funny. Doesnt really make much difference to me or society. Another pointless issue to debate when there are far more important things in the world to discuss. But just like in this blog- http://clackblog.wordpress.com/2012/...-good-looking/ I do feel that in Britain, people are very quick to jump on arrogance. Who cares I say, let them be if they want to be.
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    (Original post by paula.a)

    okay we've all read the article bout samantha brickface and all im reading i can't beleive the cheek of this woman, does she really believe that british women most of all are so shallow that they would retort to full blown hatred of her solely down to her looks? i read her reaction article to the 'twitterstorm' and it only made me more angry, people even tried to suggest to her that the uproar was about the article and she still persisted that it proved her arguement that people hated her because of her looks. then she had the gall to compare herself to angeline jolie UNBELIEIVABLE! i dunno maybe it just me 'trolling' but what do you think
    Personally, I think she is jsut slightly average average, hardly beautiful in the slightest and yes, I think a lot of women would feel jealous and threatened of a 'beautiful' woman for her looks but would NOT automactically hate her, likely to hate her due to the arrogance that comes with it. With someone like her who isn't really especially attractive, I can't see that they would hate her, seems absurd
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    I can understand her point a little more after watching the video, she's not at all photogenic but does look quite attractive in the vid.

    Regardless, she does seem to have let all that attention go to her head a little too much!
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    i think its typical british to be so negative about a women whos actually happy with the way she looks.
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    It's been hilarious watching the reaction of my girlfriend, her sister and her mother - who all read the Daily Mail Showbiz section - to this story.

    Women can be very savage to each other. If it had been an article with some fella saying how handsome he was no one would care (not on this scale), least of all other men.
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    You've got to admire her bravery, at least she's actually got the balls to say what she truly believes even if its a bit trollish and earned The Daily Fail some cash.
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    (Original post by Colour Me Pretty)
    She successfully trolled the entire of the mail's readership - kudos to her.

    I don't get why everyone is getting their knickers in a twist, it's not like she's killing kittens....she just has an overinflated view of herself. It's pretty sad that people get riled over an average woman saying she's beautiful, but don't apply the same passion to things such as politics or education.
    Spot on. There's an undercurrent of misogyny to all this ****. A woman who I think isn't pretty thinks she's pretttyyy? Ohnoezzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    Insecurity occurs when a person lacks self-confidence. Most people are insecure about something. Some people, however, are insecure so often and about so much that it shapes the way they interact with other people every day. Whether they are insecure about their appearance, their intelligence, their skills and talents, or their power to be heard, they may let their insecurity rule their lives. Dealing with an insecure person can be difficult, both because insecurity can be hidden, and because nothing you can do seems to make the person regain self-confidence.
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    The Daily Mail has used somebody who clearly has some problems. It reminds me of some of the more cynically exploitative stunts from Britain's got talent and the X Factor
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    Objectively she's about a 6.5, probably a 7 in her younger days (I haven't bothered to check), so yes, fairly pretty but nothing out of this world.

    More to the point, she's a rubbish journalist who can't write to save her life...[insert inflammatory comment about who she blew to get her job here].


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