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Am I being a bad friend?

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    Basically my best mate was seeing a girl for about 6 months last year. i got friendly with one of her room mates. my best mate has a falling out with the girl he was seeing a couple of months ago and they periodically argue and consequently we stopped going round despite building a close friendship circle with her friends who became our friends in their own right (both female and male). Skip forward a few months to saturday night and I bump into them all on a night out, my best friend was not out with me at the time. I am still on awesome terms with everyone and I get off with her room mate (now ex roomate) who I got friendly with months ago, fancied her for ages. She invites me to her house warming this friday since she just moved out of the house of the girl my mate was seeing. I say I will attend and we have been chatting this week about it and whatever. Anyway my mate doesn't want me to go because the girl he was seeing will be there and he is making me out to be a bad friend, comparing it to him meeting up with my ex and how it would be weird, when really I am only attending to try and get stuck into her room mate.

    am I being a dickhead, or is he being a sensitive cock block?
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    Just go, you've done nothing wrong. Stand your ground.


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