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Told off for not exfoliating properly...

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    I went to buy a new foundation today, and when I was being matched at the Clinique counter, the woman told me I'm not exfoliating well enough.

    I use a St Ive's scrub about 3 times a week, with just an ordinary cream cleanser on the off days, because I've heard it's not good for your skin to do it everyday - my skin gets quite dry as it is. But now she's made me feel like I'm walking round with a faceful of dead skin like some sort of beauty leper!

    She gave me a tester of their clarifying lotion thing and the cynic in me thinks it's just a ploy to make me spend a fortune on their skincare products, as she recommended using a chemical exfoliator everyday.

    So how do you all exfoliate? Should I up my use of the scrub, or buy a chemical one? Wouldn't everyday be too harsh on my skin?
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    Hmm sound like a ploy to me! ...
    i use St ives 3 times a week aswell but it does depend on your skin type how often you use it however if you exfoliate too much it can cause excess oil production because it makes the skin dryer... if you feel you face is exfoliated enough i think you should just stick with your routine that you do now, if not try a harsher cleanser, blackhead ones are usually more vigorous.
    but the chemical exfoliator sounds a bit scary to me !
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    You can rest assured, average modern female, that your current skincare regime is already far more complex, time-consuming and expensive than it need be, and you're likely doing more harm than good.

    But if you like using makeup anyway then I guess it doesn't matter what lies under the paint, so exfoliate in the manner which entertains you most.
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    You definitely do not need to use a chemical exfoliator daily, sweet christ.

    Skin care routines are over hyped and over complicated: all you need to do is cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily. In terms of exfoliation, I'd say three times a week is even pushing it, I'd stick with two - but then admittedly I have very sensitive skin and I also have eczema.

    From my own experiences, I found that St Ives scrub was too gritty and it nearly tore off my skin rather than being gentle. I'd say **** all of the brands, and just stick to a more natural solution: massage your face with sugar. You can mix in a little lemon juice (but not too much cos it can strip the oils off your skin, just enough that the sugar is SLIGHTLY moistened) or olive oil too (you don't need to worry about overusing this, it's very good for your skin-, just make sure you cleanse thoroughly afterwards so there's no excess oil).
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    I use Clinique clarifying lotion every day and I really like it. I have pretty decent skin anyway, but I do feel like the clarifying lotion makes my skin brighter and works well for me. Because it is just a liquid, it is not as rough as the likes of St Ives which have gritty bits rubbing against your skin. I don't think it is too harsh because there are 4 different versions for different skin types, so as long as you are using the right number (I guess she gave you type 2?) you should be fine. You might as well use the tester and see what you think after using it for a while.
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    Jesus you shouldn't exfoliate every day. She's just trying to make you spend more money.
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    She's a sales person.
    'Your skin needs this product because whatever your using is not as good'
    Your routine sounds fine to me, don't worry.
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    Do yoga to improve your skin and take a herbal medicine called Amla Churna.
    I used to have black heads and lots of spots, but after I did the exercise and took the herbal supplement, they faded away.
    I didn't even buy any skin care products. Tbh I don't know why people even bother with "exfoliation etc etc" when all you need to do was the above.

    If you are interested pm me. I also have pics to prove it. But since this is the TSR I wont be posting them.
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    I think she wants you to buy Clinique.

    I personally don't like chemical exfoliants that much. Though I would use other Clinique products I guess. Wouldn't be my first choice brand.
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    Ideal skin routine
    -Wet face
    -Wash with soap (I prefer it in its liquid form)
    -Dry with towel/some type of cloth
    -Put on lotion/TCP/fake moustache as needed

    I really don't understand how someone could be bothered to tone, moisturise, exfoliate etc...
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    Your routine sounds spot on. Even exfoliating three times a week seems a little too much though!
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    As soon as I saw your title I knew it was going to be about Clinique. I think their sales tactic is to basically berate you about an aspect of your skincare routine to pressure you to buying their whole set of stuff. I've had it happen to me and seen it happen to friends. My skin is naturally oily as I have a hormonal imbalance, their consultant told me she could tell I was using too many products with lanolin in because she could feel the lanolin on my skin (it was just my oily skin), however at that time I was very picky about the ingredients in my skin products, especially ones derived from animals, and I knew I didn't have any lanolin in my skin products. They will basically just tell you anything in the hope you won't know any better. :rolleyes:.
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    It might be just her trying to get you to buy another product. However if you can snatch up all of their samples! I had 3 things given to me by them, 2 of which I'm still using 2 months later. So they last ages and are free I actually liked their toner and their soapy wash seems very light and good.

    You don't have to exfoliate everyday, the scrub you're using is actually very strong and abrasive. So 2-3 a week is fine.
    You can use a gentle exfoliant everyday, like every morning if you wish. But this means buying a new one, making sure it's not harsh but suitable for everyday use.
    I use Avon exfoliator at the moment (my mother got me the skin package). It's suitable for everyday use, it feels gentle too. I use it every morning, before moisturising and makeup. It has salicylic acid though. Which is great for people with acne prone skin. But people with dry or sensitive skin might need to be more careful with this?
    Before bed, I use Clinique's face wash, it's just to wash away the dirt, there's nothing abrasive about it. Definitely no need to exfoliate twice a day, even if with gentle cleansers.
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    She was probably just trying to get you to buy an expensive clinique exfoliating scrub (I have one, it's crap)
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    I don't exfoliate at all :pierre:

    exfoliating your skin too much is actually really bad for it and if you have ance can make it much much worse. She's bull****ting you to get you to spend money.
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    i use a facial wipe then i use the simple cleanser and toner. then i grab nivea soft or some really other nice facial moisturiser i have around. put a good dollop on. after a shower my skin just feels very tight so its worth the few mins putting it on. lately ive been adding spf 50 in with my nivea

    i shower daily so thats normally my skin routine. sometimes i dont bother cleansing and just use nivea. i rarely wear make up and when i do its just when i go for a night out. soon as i can i cleanse my face and grab the nivea

    thats what works for me but everyone has different skin and needs.
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    This probs sounds really odd but I never exfoliate with any products, all I do is use a textured face cloth my face once or twice a week, massage over the face for 30 seconds and ALL dry skin has gone. You really don't need any products for exfoliation. But that woman was just a sales person she's convincing you to buy the product.
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    Yeah she's just being pushy. I gave up exfoliation altogether for a few months and noticed no difference. Skin can look after itself as long as you're keeping yourself healthy. There is so much useless crap on the market.
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    (Original post by elixira)
    Yeah she's just being pushy. I gave up exfoliation altogether for a few months and noticed no difference. Skin can look after itself as long as you're keeping yourself healthy. There is so much useless crap on the market.

    The worst offender is eye cream.
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    (Original post by sexbo)

    The worst offender is eye cream.
    haha and when you tell them that you already have their eye cream, they tell you to buy a different version of the same eye cream as the one you have is not as good anymore


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