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Anyone looking to house share in London?

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    Hi. I'm looking to rent a house in London from September onwards. Anyone else in the same boat? Want a house for around 6 people, preferablly a mix of genders. Looking to spend no more than £150 / week including bills and want to stay fairly central. It'll be my first year at uni, studying fashion as a "mature student" (I'm 25 - not mature ) Already have a few people keen. Message me if interested!
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    Hi,I'm 19 and studying Children's Nursing at King's in September. I'm looking for quite similar accomodation. Have you found people to live with yet or are you still looking? Emma =]
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    Going to study Art Foundation at CCW, still interressed?
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    Hey Guys and girls,

    I am in the same position. Looking for somewhere in Zone 1, near london bridge if possible.

    PM or Post here if your in the same position?

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    Hi there,

    My name's Millie and I am also returning to my education in september at KCL, I'll be 24 and looking for a place to move into in september, would be great to go in on this with you, if your interested? Only issue is, I need a place where my boyfriend can move into with me as we already live together. The up side to that though is that, together, we can aford a little more and perhaps find a better place as we can contribute a little more than a single person. I'm in London at the moment but will be going home for the summer. Let me know if you might be interested and I could send you my number.....
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    All I can think about while reading this thread? TSR would be a great place for murderers to find victims...
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    (Original post by agoetcherian)
    All I can think about while reading this thread? TSR would be a great place for murderers to find victims...
    Oh you've rumbled me....

    To everyone else, sorry it doesn't tell me when someone has replied to my post for some reason! Have only checked back by coincidence! If you're still interested send me a PM ... cheers!
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    hi yep, still interested- have you had any luck in finding anything or anyone yet?
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    I am still interested =] Mailed you both earlier.

    Speak soon.
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    Please add me on Facebook if interested Laura Junglist Bizzle. Send me a message so I know that you're from here, cheers!
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    Hi, i'm going to study film&television at LCC and I am looking for a room in the centre. Feel free to contact me
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    Hi, My names samuel parnell, i'm currently studying filmmaking at London South Bank University and looking for people to move in with, preferably mixed, as i have lived with all guys this year. I'm a easy going guy, enthusiatic and out going, if you like the sound of me then respond to me or add me on facebook.
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    Hey I'm starting photography at LCC this September, I'm looking for a house to rent and people to live with. Please message me if interested!
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    Hey, I'm looking to share a house with some chilled out people from September till June. Going into my second year at UCL, studying Hebrew and Jewish studies. I'm a friendly nineteen year girl originally from Lithuania but have been living in UK for four years now. My budget is £150 pw tops. If anyone is willing to team up I can do the house hunting


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