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Little things that make you feel really sad

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    Seeing old people struggle to walk or fall over
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    (Original post by philistine)
    Location: Moldova

    Do you even Tesco?
    1) The location doesn't say 'Moldova', it says 'Chișinău'
    2) I live in London now, but Chișinău is where I'm from
    3) Still pretty sad that seeds cost more than a cake
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    Sometimes when I'm sat in a classroom or walking down the road, I randomly think 'all these people will be dead in a hundred years time'. And that's kind of sad!
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    Feeling sad because i got dumped and just had my heart broken, then hearing about people who have to put up with really sh*tty stuff every day in their lives and feeling even more sad because my problems are kind of pathetic in comparison.
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    The bitch you like taking forever to reply to your texts and then cancelling on your date.

    Oh ****, I think I just got the hint.

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    (Original post by suffocation1992)
    Realising my childhood has been and gone...
    This. Nostalgia is heavy
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    (Original post by tehforum)
    Slow walkers.


    It's even worse when there's a group of imbeciles whose sole aim is to walk in unison blocking the entire pavement, forcing me to go onto the road just to speed up.
    This pisses me off beyond belief.
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    Seeing old people sat on their own.
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    Seeing a girl that I think is beautiful and liking everything about her, but knowing that i'll never have the courage to say anything to her.
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    Seeing cats clawing at their owner's front doors on a cold day wanting to go inside. I just want to scoop them up and wrap them in a blanket, but that will probably get me scratched!
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    (Original post by *Boofle*)
    This is sort of going against the thread (but I guess it's happy-sad). I have a happy story for you which is virtually the opposite of what you said. Years ago I had a daschund but unfortunately my parents had to move to a house that didn't allow dogs. My dad gave him to a little old lady in the village, and she cried with happiness when she saw him because she had been alone for so long and finally had a companion
    Aww, that's really cheered me up that has, thanks for sharing
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    justin bieber
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    When i see videos on children crying their eyes out and seeing their parent dead infront of them in Syria,it makes me feel worthless !because i can't do anything to help these kids or stop the violent ,or hearing all these werid stories of people killing each other for money ,religion ,race etc .It truly makes me feel sick and upset.
    Or thousands of children starving in Africa and you see tesco ,asda full with food
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    Seeing teens/adults be horrible to their parents/loved ones and I think one day they're not going to be here and you're going to regret being a ****
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    Seeing people from my primary school already collecting benefits and sitting around all day in tracksuits, and will probably never do much more with their lives, knowing that 7 years ago, we were (sort of) in the same place, and now I (hopefully) will go on to do loads with my life, but you're going to stay here and do nothing, largely because your parents didn't even support you in doing the 11+, even though you were as clever as those who went to grammar school and could have gone there yourself had your parents not seen it as ridiculous and you would probably at least have gotten some GCSEs rather than failing pretty much all of them.

    Also, seeing really old people who can't do things for themselves purely because they're old Like the little old lady in Sainsbury's who couldn't pick up a box of cereal It really makes me not want to grow old.
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    (Original post by A100whoo)
    Seeing teens/adults be horrible to their parents/loved ones and I think one day they're not going to be here and you're going to regret being a ****
    im not the nicest person to my parents, but I'm completely honest with them. they have so many issues with 'the truth' i can't even talk to them about things civilly anymore.

    they tell me when they are dead i will regret being like that to them, but i have thought about it so much, and i really won't.

    so not all of us will regret being pricks when our loved ones are dead.
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    Thinking about what could have been never fails to get me down.
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    my cat was sold without me being told.

    that was rather hard to deal with.

    i also cried when my sunflower died when i was like 7. I;ve got an odd emotional attachment to anything from materials to the welfare of animals.

    i have to turn over when animal commercials come on so i don't cry..
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    Just today a girl told me she didn't know who David Attenborough was and that made me sad. The man is a legend.
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    (Original post by keyboard-warrior)
    Thinking back to some great people who I've met in my lifetime (teachers espicially), who sadly its unlikely I'll ever see again
    I agree with you. Luckily, I met some of my ex-teachers again, and it was lovely.


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