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*The African Society [Part VIII]*

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    that film is the most ****ed up thing to ever exist in the history of everything...... ever
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    (Original post by failingatm)

    come at me, sister
    i will, meet me at birmingham new street station a 3pm
    (Original post by Ladipidoo)
    No, it just shows that BBHR&TONKS appreciate the smaller things in life even when our company is on par with Apple regarding..... everything. :pierre:
    its hard repeating ourselves to these peasants, it really is :sigh:
    (Original post by Crazy Paving)

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    Snakery. :no:
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    i just had weird dreams from watching that, never again man
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    Heavily anticipating the sequel. #parquis
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    lmfao :indiff:
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    obviously you would love puppets involved in sexual activity :no:
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    well this died
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    Man didn't make blu-ray copies like you, mate.
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    YES. WHAT A GIF. :adore:

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    At first glance they look like a skinny Oprah and Bill Gates. lmfao
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    (Original post by flowermaster91)
    BBHR&TONKS is where the party is at mate
    BBHR&TONKS, what does it mean? :sly:

    (Original post by failingatm)
    We don't deal with pirates! Sorry, enjoy your day. :smug:
    Worried we might take over? Fair play :console:
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    (Original post by In2deep)
    BBHR&TONKS, what does it mean? :sly:

    Worried we might take over? Fair play :console:
    BIG, BLACK, HENCH, RAW & TONKS :dumbells:
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    (Original post by Ladipidoo)
    BIG, BLACK, HENCH, RAW & TONKS :dumbells:
    History behind the company? Who is the CEO and who are the shareholders? Any rivals worth of note?

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    (Original post by In2deep)
    History behind the company? Who is the CEO and who are the shareholders? Any rivals worth of note?

    BBHR&TONKS is a company that was set up by anicha and I. Before joining BBHR&TONKS we both had our individual companies that were both to do with fitness and on one sunny day in the tropical islands in the Caribbeans, anicha suggested joining forces. I decided to have some time to think about this, but after going over the logistical and marketing value this would be I decided on joining. So that was how BBHR&TONKS was founded and I am glad I have never gone back on such a fantastic opportunity and position :dumbells:

    We are the both the CEO of BBHR&TONKS and also the shareholders, but recently we spoke to Apple and they are interested in becoming shareholders of such a prestigious company.

    Yes, first of all we have the batty man team called S&S owned by Sagar and Salim :rolleyes: a joke of a company. Did you know one day I went over to have a meeting with them and caught Sagar fisting Salim :lolwut: From then on I knew that company was nothing but a joke.

    And then we move on...the e-team :nothing: a disgusting company owned by emma and kiran who have been in the game for quite a while. Although due to so many lies, bitching and rookie mistakes in owning a company things have fallen apart (same can be said for the S&S tbh).

    I'm not even going to talk about KimCorp :jester:
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    wheres aara man these days? kinda miss her, not

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    OMGGGG You can view what someone has said before theyve edited a post, man had no idea
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    no they cant you silly baboon :rofl2: only you can


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Updated: June 30, 2015
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